The Boys In November 2017 - Feeling Festive, Reflecting and A New Toddler Routine

Eek, I can't believe that it's the 15th of November! I'm feeling really festive already, I think this might be the earliest ever that I've felt so christmassy, but this year I am just loving the build up even more! I'm being super organised and I have all of my content for my blog and youtube channel up until Christmas planned. We've chosen all of the boys Christmas presents, we've even purchased a lot of Christmas presents for other people and I've filled our diary with Christmas related things to do! This time of year, despite the weather being depressingly cold, is so much fun with kids!

Ethan and Logan are getting really excited too - they are both at an age where they understand Christmas and so it's so lovely to see them taking everything in such as all of the lovely festive decorations in the shopping centre. I can't wait to see them on Christmas morning tearing open their presents and having lots of fun.

Ethan has been getting on really well at school still which I'm really thankful for. He gets more and more tired as the week goes on and by Friday we see a far grumpier Ethan than we do on Monday. But I know it must be a lot to take in and very tiring for him. We definitely see some attitude from him and I'm sure this is a combination of school and just being four, but on the whole he's a lovely, if slightly crazy like the rest of us, little boy and I'm very proud of him.

Logan is learning more and more each day and it's so lovely to see him grow into a little boy and see his personality shine through. He's just started football and I think he's going to get on really well with it as it's somewhere for him to go and burst out all of his energy and I quite like it too as it's more structured with the activities and so I don't feel as socially awkward as I do at things like Mum and toddler groups. And so now he currently has football on a Monday, swimming on a Thursday and then he goes to spend the day with his Grandma on a Friday. On a Tuesday he usually goes out for a coffee/babyccino date with his Daddy and on Wednesday we spend the morning at home playing or we go for a walk to the park.

I actually just watched back some videos of the boys when Logan was a baby and Ethan was around two and it honestly just pulled on all of my heart strings - they grow so fast don't they?! I'm sort of sad that I probably won't get to have another young baby like that again, as Adam and I aren't sure that we will try for anymore, but I'm also so excited to watch my two boys grow. I honestly feel so fortunate to be their Mum, despite the hard days when I feel out of my depth, they are precious and I'm so thankful for them. I definitely have my hands full with them, but my heart is truly just as full.

I noticed this month that I seem to have a lack of big camera (DSLR) photos of the boys together. I guess as the boys are getting older I'm becoming more aware of not having the camera out too much, but I really do love looking back at old photos and videos and I'm so thankful that I have them, so I need to make sure that I find a balance and remember to take it around with me more. These photos here are just iPhone photos and in fact, the top photo at the very beginning of this post is actually a screen shot from one of my recent day in the life videos, but I loved the moment between them so much that I wanted to include it! :)

A trip to Tring Museum - if you live anywhere near, it's so worth a visit. I wasn't sure about taking my youngest as I thought he wouldn't find it very interesting, but honestly he absolutely loved it! 

 Doing puzzles - they are both usually quite active but they really love things like puzzles.

Artificial snow at our local shopping centre - the boys loved this and I love that the shopping centre have put this in for the kids this year. It's free to play in and the kids love it so much! 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 

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  1. Awww lovely post! I'm the same with not wanting to have the camera out all the time now that they're getting a bit older, its funny isnt it. Logan sounds like a busy boy! xx