Christmas Came Early! 2017

Celebrating Christmas in November is totally acceptable right?! Because that's exactly what we did on the 18th - Christmas at the Gladwin's came a month and a bit early!

But no, we've not gone (completely) mad, we celebrated the big festive day early because Adam's brother will be leaving and heading over to New Zealand to live for a while with his girlfriend who he met whilst travelling in New Zealand. She's been here for the past two years and we've had such a great time getting to know her and doing lots of fun things together like our recent holiday to Crete and our trip the Lake District last year. But now her visa is up and so they're going to live back across the other side of the world.

But before they go (tomorrow) we decided to celebrate Christmas as a bit of a family get together to say goodbye and also because they aren't going to be here for actual Chrismas day this year. So Adam's parents decorated their house, they got a small artificial tree down from their loft, cooked a Christmas dinner and we all bought each other a secret Santa gift and spent the Saturday just gone having a pre-Christmas Christmas! The boys loved it of course, they really love being around lots of family and they loved having a little gift to open!

We all wore our Christmas jumpers and it made us feel even more festive. I've said before how much earlier I feel ready for Christmas this year and I'm sure it's because the boys are that little bit more older and it's so magical celebrating with them.

I also recorded snippets of our day on my camera and I've turned it into a day in the life vlog which I've uploaded over on my channel if you'd like to watch. I've embedded it below at the bottom of this post. :)


Thank you for reading. 
Alex xo 

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