The Me and Mine Family Portrait Project - October 2017

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone has fun dressing their little ones up tonight (if you take part in Halloween). We chose to really embrace October, Autumn and Halloween this year, I guess it was a way for us to have a bit of fun with the boys and try our best to ignore the fact that the weather is really not very nice outside. Because when you've got children, that's actually a really big inconvenience because trying to find things to do inside all day every day is hard, hard work! (So please do stay away for as long as possible Winter!). 

family halloween outfits

We decided that this year we'd all be skeletons - a family of skeletons if you'd like with Mummy Skeleton, Daddy Skeleton, Kid Skeleton and Baby (or toddler really, but he's still a baby in our eyes and probably always will be!) Skeleton. We even all went to town in our outfits at the weekend (minus the scary pumpkin mask and other props because that would probably have been a tad too much!). ;) 

Taking photographs of us all as a family is still just as challenging as ever. Although I have to say, sometimes we get super lucky and magically get one on the first go. But usually, it's a bit of a challenge getting the boys to both semi-look in the direction of the camera and not pull a strange face! Ethan has a new smile that he does for the camera and he doesn't realise it, bless him, but it's sort of like the scared emoji (see below!). But regardless, I'll never stop trying to get them, they are actually quite fun to do, sometimes stressful at the time too, but still fun and I love having them and looking back through all of my old Me and Mine family posts. 

October has been a busy month - Adam's custom LEGO minifigure business has picked up fast now that we are closer to Christmas, and it's always a great thing, but it does mean that he get's super busy. Ethan seems to be getting on well at school and has just today gone back from half term. During half term we visited the library, Ethan went to the cinema to see the Ninjago movie with his Daddy and he actually sat through a film for the first time ever, we made leaf hedgehogs together, we went to the local pumpkin patch, we went to Gulliver's Land (blog post coming soon), the boys had two days with a sleepover at their Grandma's, we watched Hocus Pocus (SUCH a great film!) and lots more!

We don't currently have many plans for November, I guess we'll be filling it with trying to work out what Christmas presents to get for everyone and no doubt working hard to pay for it like pretty much everyone else. I hope you've all had a lovely month and that November is a good month for you too!

Did you or your little ones dress up for halloween? What did you choose?

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 
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  1. Ah such gorgeous photos as ever Alex. Your half term sounds identical to ours! We also did a pumpkin patch trip, cinema and library too. I hope Ethan enjoyed his first half term break and has a great time back at school xx

  2. Love that you are a family of skeletons, such a fun idea! We did pumpkin picking and cinema too over half term, but it was My Little Pony for us! x

  3. Love you all as skeletons! Such fun! We didn't manage to go to a pumpkin patch this year - next year! Hope Ethan enjoyed his half term and it's not too hard getting back in to school routine again! #meandmineproject

  4. Gorgeous pictures! We went as a daddy and mummy skeleton too this year, but our little one refused to be a skeleton and was a leopard instead... :D That scared emoji smile is just adorable!

  5. Gorgeous photos as always lovely! I love your skeleton family outfits!!! spooktacular! ;) xx

  6. Have to say Adam looks hilarious with the pumpkin mask. Lovely photo memories. We are struggling a bit taking family photos. Luckily the second attempt at the pumpkin patch worked. As we were holding up other people lol xx

  7. Sounds like it is a busy time at the moment but these photos are so fun, and yes to having the shot in those first magical minutes, it can be so hit and miss cant it?

  8. Gorgeous family photos Alex - love that you had a family Halloween theme! The pumpkin patch photo is gorgeous too - we didn’t manage to get to one as a family :( enjoy your quieter November! Xx

  9. Oh Alex these are gorgeous. I am loving the halloween theme too! It was such a great month of celebrations. Love the light in your house so jealous we have none. These show off just how beautiful you all are and the family with the bluest eyes ever all of you!!! Gorgeous!!! #meandmineproject