The Boys in August 2017 & Feeling A Bit Less Overwhelmed As A Mummy To Two

I'm a little late writing this post this month, but we were on holiday so I'm going to use that as my excuse! ;) Despite being a bit late with it, I couldn't not write it, because honestly these sibling posts that I share each month are actually some of my favourite to look back on. I just love that I have captured photographs of my two little boys together from each month ever since my second Son Logan was born. It's always amazing to look back and to see how much they've both grown and how their bond has changed.

Summer was pretty incredible in terms of family time - we managed to tick off so much on our summer bucket list and the boys seemed to grow closer and closer together. We saw a really big change in Logan in that he really grew up and turned from a baby in to a proper toddler. There was a big shift in how things felt in terms of parenting for us too - Adam and I have both noticed that we feel that we have to split ourselves less now that the boys are in to more of the same sorts of things.

The boys have always been similar in that they love pretty much just to be active - they love being outdoors and they love playing. So during our recent holiday to Crete they were in their total element around the pool. They both have such high energy and though at times I'd really like them just to sit down and watch a film, I really wouldn't change them - I love how fun and crazy they are.. life with Ethan and Logan is never boring!

I had worried about how Logan might feel with Ethan going to school full-time especially after such a lovely summer together. And when we dropped Ethan off at school on his first day Logan was saying 'Eee'ah' (which he calls Ethan), but we're now one week in and it's been okay. Ethan's taking to school really well so far and Logan's really enjoying  the one-on-one time with us and then seeing his brother in the afternoon, evening and at the weekend.

I've been thinking about how overwhelmed I felt when I went from having one to two children. I honestly didn't really know how to split myself (despite actually being okay on the surface). I just remember finding it overwhelming and feeling quite a lot like 'How do I juggle this all and find a balance?!'. But since the boys have been two and four it really has felt like in terms of splitting myself it's got easier. That's not to say that parenting is any easier, because Logan is a very cheeky, very vocal, very independent little man and his brother can be a cheeky monkey too and boy are the sibling scraps starting to begin, but that pressure and overwhelm that I felt when I had a baby and a toddler definitely feels like it's passed. So if you're in that position yourself, hold tight - it does start to feel easier to manage in time. :) 

These here are some of my favourite photographs and moments with the boys this past month. I've sort of cheated and have shared some of us in there with them too, but I loved them too much not to include them so I figure that that's okay. :) 

Thank you for reading. 
Alex xo

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  1. Wow, your summer looked amazing - full of fun times and memories. I'm glad you are finding the pressure of two boys starting to ease, you are doing a fab job!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches