The Sibling Project - The Boys in August | 2017

Before I started writing this I was just looking back through old siblings posts and two things sprang to mind.. 1. How very glad I am to have always taken part in this link-up since Logan was born because I absolutely love being able to look back through my old posts to see how much they've both grown and changed. And 2. I realised how since the beginning they've always been quite close and have shared a very special bond. 

It's amazing to look back and see from the first month the love that these two were always going to share as brothers.. from the first moment when Ethan saw Logan, to all the smiles and the giggles and the looks between them. I'm starting to really understand how close sibling bonds are and my monthly captures and the posts that document them are helping me to see it even more. 

They are a duo but also very independent. They are a team but also like to fly solo. One minute they're holding hands or giggling as they're throwing all the cushions off of the sofa onto the floor and the next they're screaming at each other and flapping their arms in each others faces over a toy that's forgotten about 40 seconds later. 

I feel really lucky to be able to watch them grow as my individual little boys but also as brothers. 

This month they've both changed. And I don't quite know in what ways but they have. I've been thinking it a lot and so has Adam and even my Mum mentioned it to me today.

Logan I guess seems a bit more grown up, it's like though he's still a baby, he's not quite and he's leaving his babyhood behind quite quickly. It's like we have two little boys now and it feels like the age gap between them has closed a bit, though of course it's not changed at all.

And Ethan seems so much more ready for school - he's much more inquisitive than before, he's always chatting and always asking questions. He wants to be doing things 100% of the time and is ready to learn more. He knows more and uses far more words then he used to. He listens more and each day he seems a bit more grown up.

They are still the exact same in terms of being as energetic as they've always been and they still both love the outdoors as much as they always have. Give them an open field and let them run and they'd be happy!

And they're still both just as fussy with dinnertime as ever - particularly Ethan who even puts up a fight over 'beige' food much to my dismay.

Logan is talking so much more this month too - he doesn't speak in sentences, but he has his own little way of trying to say words and Adam and I know what he's trying to say which makes things feel a whole lot easier. He can say Dada really clearly and he calls me Mama, but usually says it like 'Mamaaaa'. He can say his favourite food - ice cream! And points out things in books when we ask him to. He can say other words like cat, car, park, 'pop pop' for Grandpop, 'Eeee-ahh' for Ethan and lots more. It's really exciting to hear him use a few more words and it's so sweet to hear him call for Ethan.

I think Logan has really been loving having Ethan home from school and I think he's going to find it a bit tough when Ethan goes back in September full time. I think we'll all find it a bit tough. Logan loves having his brother with him and even when we leave the room, he'll want Ethan to follow. It is going to be hard for us to get used to Ethan being at school full time, but it's got to happen and so we're just going to make the most of the time we are together and try and embrace Ethan starting more grown up hours at school.

It's been a lovely month in terms of watching the boys together and being able to do things as a family. We might not have had the sunniest Summer Holidays so far but we've still been able to do so much and create some really lovely memories.

Thank you for reading. 
Alex xo


  1. Great photos of the boys Alex. Loving their Rad and Cool t-shirts! They are such cheeky chappies. Logan will really miss Ethan when he's at school as you can tell they love being in each other's company (most of the time)! #siblingsproject

  2. Such lovely captures of them together Alex, it is such amazing project to be a part of isn't it? I only wish I had got the confidence to start blogging before I did to capture it from the very beginning x

  3. Awww such lovely photos! I love the brother relationship, its so lovely to watch. Sibling photo snap!!! We had these t shirts on a few months ago....heres another reason to show Adam for that third baby, so you can get the other t shirt ;) http://www.sparklesandstretchmarks.com/2017/06/siblings-in-june.html xx

  4. I can't believe how much alike they are. Adorable.

  5. Oh Alex these are just darling. I love them playing the piano I have always wanted to learn myself. lol It's a great bond for siblings growing up so close in age. I wish I had more babies closer to my two age now I would worry about the bond being different being so far in years apart. Your boys are just the most cutest little duo ever. Glad you have had a good summer. #siblingsproject

  6. I love their T'shirts and look how big they've both are! #Siblings