The Me and Mine Family Portrait Project - August 2017

I remember typing these exact words last month on the very last day of the month.. "Wow, where has July gone?" and now here I am asking myself where exactly August has got to too!

But I guess you could say it's in a slightly different way, because I feel like I know exactly where August has got to in a sense - we've filled it with great Summer memories, but in the same breath I'm slightly confused as to how it's about to be September already? I mean, I know how the months work, but September? Already? Really?

And September usually has always meant one thing to me - my birthday month! But now, with a four-year-old Son (Ethan) it also means the start of a new school year and this year, it's his first ever full-time year as he goes into reception! And I'm nervous about that - I'm nervous for all of the obvious reasons really, I hope he makes friends, I hope he doesn't find the length of the day too exhausting, I hope he doesn't miss being at home (especially after what has been a lovely Summer together with both his Daddy and I and his little brother, who's become pretty much his best friend). And then there's me feeling a bit like someone's taking my baby away and I guess that sounds totally dramatic, but he's my first, he made me a Mummy and I never really looked this far ahead during the baby and the toddlers days which seem to have whizzed by. I also worry about how much Logan (his little brother) is going to miss him, again especially after they've become so close over the summer holidays.

And I know it's the thing to worry and be nervous and feel a bit upset that suddenly your little one has hit an age where they are ready for full-time school. And I hope we'll grow in to a routine quickly and that Ethan will find his feet in the world of full-time school hours and that he'll grow to love the learning and the play and the friendships and different environments, but argh I'm just feeling a little bit anxious the more I think about it!

Asides from starting school, September is actually when we're off on holiday with Adam's side of the family. We go on the 6th - which is actually the day Ethan's due back at school. It's not ideal, but the date was initially chosen to be around a member of our families wedding in Greece, which unfortunately we're not going to anymore, but we still have our holiday to look forward to at least. I'm not too worried about Ethan missing the first week back, as he's in the exact same room and has the exact same teachers and some of the same friends as he did when he was in pre-school, as they mix the years at his school. But obviously we're going to start having to get used to holidays during the half terms and school holidays usually.

I really am looking forward to the break and the family time. I turn 29 whilst we're there and am hoping it'll be such a lovely way to spend my birthday. I'm just going to try and make the most of each day - I can already picture the boys around the pool playing and laughing together and I know that that's a moment I'm going to want to hold on to, especially as this holiday sort of signals the end of our summer holidays and the start of a new chapter in our lives with Ethan and the beginning of school.

This last month has been one I will treasure always. We've done our absolute best to juggle it all with both Adam and I working from home and also having the boys at home with us. We've relaxed with work a bit more so that we could make some brilliant memories with the boys and that's exactly what I feel like we've achieved, even through things like forest walks and cheap lunches out. It's just been about the family time and that's what has been the most important. 

I've captured a lot of our days on video and I've been working my way through editing and sharing them over on my YouTube channel, but I've also got lots of photos for blog posts that I'd like to write about too. I know that I haven't been as active on here these past couple of weeks, but I have lots of posts planned and I am so excited to get back in to the swing of things with my blog, because truly it is almost like my third baby! 
Anyway I don't want to make this post too long, I'll go into more detail about things that we've been up to and other things that are on my mind via some of the other posts that I have planned. But I just wanted to say that I hope that for whoever reads this, that the summer holidays have been kind to you and that if you've got a little one starting school in September that it goes as smoothly as is possible. <3 

Thank you for reading. 
Alex xo

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  1. Oh my goodness Alex! You took some gorgeous pictures this month. I LOVE the sunflower one at the beginning. It's definitely one for the wall. I hope you and the family are doing well sugar xx

  2. I love the sunflower photos! They are my favourite flowers ever, I need to seek these out. This was me last year and it was a really nervous time with Alice starting school, but a year later and I feel in such a good place with it. I know you will too. Enjoy your holiday lovely x

  3. I literally say the same thing every month too, wondering where that month has gone. Gorgeous pictures and I love your skirt. I am so nervous about Eva starting reception next week x

  4. I love the sunflower snaps. I am currently trying to grow sunflowers in our garden. it's going well but I don't know if I can keep them alive. lol xx

  5. How grown up are your boys looking now! So handsome! Have a wonderful holiday and birthday, and I hope Ethan's first day at school goes well xx

  6. Such lovely family photos. Love the sunflower ones but then they are my favourite flower! Glad you've had a great month spending lots of time with the boys. It's such a big thing sending them off to school. I hope it goes well for Ethan when he starts next week. Happy Holidays! x

  7. Oh I am so envious of your sunflowers shots! Beautiful. And we share a birthday month, happy birthday month! x

  8. Oh Alex I remembering being in this position with B going back to school and MM still not going. She always missed her partner during the day. But now it's her starting. The empty and quiet house Friday was eerie and I didn't know where to begin in truth be told. I thought I would get a lot more done during the day and not at night but somehow I felt lost without our babyclasses and lunchtimes and nap times together. Milestones at first always seem nervous and daunting but immediately come to be a routine. And good. Wish you luck. Absolutely love these family snaps they are truly STUNNING!!! #meandmineproject

  9. Your photo's are stunning and I love how much fun you have had in August. Your September looked great too - hope he has settled into school well x #MeandMineProject