Overcoming Self Doubt & Fear and Stepping out of my Comfort Zone as an Introvert

I think I've always been an introvert. Some of my earliest memories are of me at school being of the mind that I really just wanted to have a couple of good friends, perhaps even just the one. I wasn't interested in hanging out with a large group of people, I didn't want to have lots of friends. Groups overwhelmed me back then. And they still do. 

I think my introversion is why I've stuck so long with blogging. I find it therapeutic, but I also love that it's perfect for the introvert in me. The introvert who although is quite happy to spend lots of time alone also gets lonely too and still requires reassurance from others. Blogging and social media allow me, whilst staying firmly in the comfort of my comfort zone,  to connect with lots of like minded people just winging their way through life and some, like me, through the journey of parenthood too.

And I love that. It's the perfect set-up for the introvert in me, but there have also been many, many times where I've sat and really wanted to reach into the screen and actually meet people in real life and have a coffee with them. I've wanted to pick their brains more, I've wanted to spend some actual quality time with them. I've wanted to step right of my of my comfort zone and chat rather than type and smile rather than send smiley emojis. I've wanted to give real life hugs rather than 'sending hugs' virtually.

There's also the 'working from home comfort zone'. I've realised that blogging is often the perfect job for me - I can make a living right here in my comfort zone. I work with brands mostly through email contact and I film videos in my room and write my blog posts in our home office. But then sometimes I want to have colleagues again. Colleagues I can share silly stories with between working. Colleagues I can share coffee with and break times too.

With the sort of job I do and with the sort of person I am, it could be so easy for me to stay in my comfort zone and whilst I often do, I also know how important it is to take steps outside of it too. Because whilst our comfort zones are comfy and cosy and feel safe. They don't really fulfil us socially, they don't really allow us to grow or let us experience new things and make new memories.

Over the past couple of years, I have worked incredibly hard to recognise this and to not put a box around myself. I made a deal with myself that I would push myself to do more things that I would normally shy away from and I've worked hard to remember that I'm not the only introvert or the only one who gets anxious. I have been working on training my brain to recognise my nerves and anxious feelings as feelings of excitement and butterflies.

And I've since done lots of things that used to be out of my comfort zone.. I started youtube (something that I was so nervous about, but have since been nominated for an award for). I've met up face to face with blogging friends and with people that follow my blog. I've attended more blog and youtube events (including flying to Germany for the day without my Husband to work with a brand). I've plucked up the courage to ask people if they'd like to have coffee or do something together. And I've travelled a lot more. 

And the major thing that I've learnt from doing all of these things that used to and can still make me feel nervous or anxious is that, yes it's good to stay in your comfort zone, but it's also amazing to go and try new experiences too. To occasionally push your boundaries and yourself. Because each and every one one of the things that I have stepped out of my comfort zone to do has left me feeling a huge sense of accomplishment and pride. They've each left me with an experience and with memories that I won't ever forget and I know that I've grown as a person because of them. 

My mind so often likes to think about the things that could go wrong when I am presented with an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, but I am slowly training it to see all of the things that could (and so often do) go right so long as I am prepared to take that initial step.   

I wrote this post in collaboration with Rescue Remedy - they asked me about the first time that I used their product and I remember clearly it was when I did that (what was to me at the time) huge trip to Germany. Flying and leaving the country is even now, a huge deal to me, even with my children and my Husband, but to go without them was something that made me feel incredibly anxious. I remember that I bought myself the Rescue Remedy comfort and reassurance dropper and I used it before, during and on the way home and it really helped to calm my nerves down. So much so that I now often use it when I am doing something that requires me to step out of my comfort zone. My Husband and I did a Facebook Live together for Channel Mum a little while ago and he saw me using and tried it himself and he was amazing! You can find Rescue Remedy in Boots or visit their website at nelsonsnaturalworld.com.

What about you?

  • Do you worry about stepping out of your comfort zone?
  • And if so, what helps you overcome your fear/worry/anxiety about doing do?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Please do leave me a comment down below, because I read and appreciate every single one and it means a lot to me.

Alex xo



  1. Rescue remedy is great for this sort of thing, I used to basically swig it from the bottle on flights to america! x

  2. Loved this I often get anxious and worry about stepping out of my comfort zone. Reduce remedy is a big help for me x

  3. You've done so well, so proud of you :) Rescue remedy is amazing x

  4. This is totally me! I would be lost without my blog and in a way I think it saved me. I've used rescue remedy so many times and it helps so much. I hope we get a chance to meet one day and one of us is brave enough :-) x

  5. Love this post! You're doing so well, and should be so so proud of yourself! I'm an extrovert, but still get really anxious about things. I've used rescue remedy quite a few times in the past and found it to really help! I must remember to get some more xx

  6. My hubby should read this because he is always at me when it comes to me making the effort to socialise. I wish it was that easy. I prefer just the one friend too rather than a whole group.

  7. Brilliant post Alex, I can relate to this so much xx