The Sibling Project - The Boys in June | 2017

For once I had so many photos of my boys together from this month to choose from.. I think it's to do with the combination of the lovely weather which means we're doing more, getting outdoors more and I'm having my camera out more. Plus the fact that Logan is very nearly 2 (his birthday is the 30th June), so the boys seem a lot closer as Logan learns and understands more. 

Logan has shown us that he really is understanding what we're saying to him this month. He can point out things in books and communicates with us just like his big brother did at his age. Logan has followed Ethan's developmental stages pretty much exactly the same - Ethan was a late speaker, and I think little Logan will be the same. Although, Logan does say a few words to us, where as Ethan pretty much said nothing until he was nearly 3, despite understanding what we were saying to him. 

It's been great to see this change in Logan. I love when you can really start to understand what they want a bit more, it makes life a lot easier! But of course, it's often when the tantrums start as they realise that just because they can tell/show you what they want, it doesn't always mean that they can have it. 

The boys are just as spirited, lively and energetic as they've always been and there's no slowing them down. I was saying on my Instagram Stories the other day that I feel like they take it in turns to be naughty, almost like they're in a relay race with each other. And when they're both naughty together - well, that's when I want to leave the country! Haha. ;) 

I couldn't choose between all of the photos of them that I had this month, so I basically just decided to go ahead and share most of them! I think I'll always be that parent who thinks there is nothing more adorable than seeing her babies together. Everytime that Ethan reaches out and takes Logan's hand my heart bursts a little bit more and all I want to do is capture the moment, so that I never forget it! 

But these sweet photos aren't to say that my boys always adore each other, because as much as they can be best buds, they still squabble as all siblings do. It's mostly over random objects that become the centre of both of their universes for all of 5 minutes. Or Ethan's model collections that he sets up in the middle of the living room floor and then has a meltdown if Logan even dares to enter the living room, even to play with his own toys. Or Ethan will set them up on the kitchen table, but all over it, so that no one can eat! Just typical sibling behaviour really!

I've also noticed that if I'm taking photos of Logan, Ethan will want me to make sure that I get a picture of him too. Or if I'm hugging/playing with Logan, Ethan has to have the same. It's funny watching their little sibling relationship develop!

So those are my favourite snaps of the boys this month! I also wanted to share this one of me with the boys, just because I love it. I've been lucky enough to get a few nice ones of me with the boys this past month which I love. In fact I have lots I really love from over the years. I think it's so important to make sure us Mummies and Daddies get in the pictures sometimes too! :) 

Thank you so much for reading. :) 
I always love hearing from the people that read my posts, so if you have a moment please do leave me a comment below.  
Alex xx



  1. So many gorgeous photos Alex. They seem so sweet- they very much remind me of Freddie and Luca. I can't believe Logan is nearly 2! How fast does time fly?! Ah I so need to get that paddling pool- it looks so much fun xx

  2. They are like twins. So cute together. I love their swimming pool. It's supposed to be hot this weekend so I may have to invest in one of those. #siblingsproject

  3. There really isn't a sweeter moment than seeing siblings hand in hand, my heart too hurts when I see my girls hand in hand. Gorgeous photos and they are definitely going to be keeping you on your toes over the next couple of years x

  4. Ahh so many lovely photos!! They sounds quite similar to Noah and Tyne, Im just the same when they get together - my heart bursts, although more so with Noah and Sailor for some reason, I think because theyre both so young that it surprises me when theyre so affectionate to each other (and they argue less haha!)

    Ethan and Logan always look really happy together. xx

  5. What beautiful smiley images! Hurrah for sunshine x

  6. So many adorable pictures!

  7. Great photos as always Alex. The boys just have the cheekiest smiles. Sometimes they do appear closer in age than they actually are! It's great that they have such fun together. #siblingsproject

  8. I've followed your blog since the beginning and I have two girls really close to your two little's ages. I just love watching them interact how my girls do! Sibling love is such a precious gift (although at times it definitely can be interesting!). :) Kate (from Canada!)

  9. Gorgeous photos Alex - your boys look so close in your photos, its lush!
    Also i'm pressed your paddling pool is still standing - we had a similar one and it had popped within a day lol! xx #siblingsproject

  10. Ahhh look how gorgeous they look here in their bright outfits and fun in the sun. I love it. Two little pals. They look so alike too. Wow. Love that last photo too babes. #siblingsproject