Dear Logan: As You Turn Two.

Dear my precious little Logan Berry,

Wow - these past two years have really flown! I still remember so clearly being pregnant with you and waiting for you when I was overdue with you. I remember going into labour with you, I remember the hospital and I remember the pain of giving birth to you - boy, do I remember the pain!

I remember the moments after you were born and I remember those big blue eyes of yours peering up at me and your Daddy - you were an inquisitive and curious little man from the start. I remember how good that first cup of tea tasted after I'd had you and I remember how much I needed it because I'd worn my throat out from screaming at the top of my lungs.

I remember those first few hours afterwards when the hospital staff left us in the room, just you, me and your daddy, those hours were so precious to us. Your daddy and I talked about how happy and fortunate and thankful we were as you laid next to us. We counted our blessings, for you and for your big brother who was at your Grandparents hours being looked after by your Auntie Ellie. We loved having those few quiet and peaceful hours together after you were born, I remember so clearly how full our hearts felt and it's exactly how they've felt ever since.

It's been incredible to watch your bond with your brother develop and change and grow. There's nothing quite like watching your children interact with each other. Watching them make each other laugh and smile and play. You and your brother are so alike in looks as well as personality and also in the way that you make us feel - your Daddy and I are so proud of you both. You're little monkeys both together and apart, but you're both utterly amazing and we feel incredibly lucky every single day for the fact that we get to be your parents.

Logan, you are the cheekiest little boy, you're also fiercely independent and you can throw an almighty strop with the loudest scream, but you are such an incredible little boy and you make us so incredibly happy. You're beyond sweet and you have the most contagious, happy laugh. Your smile lights up every room and you have the most beautiful eyes. You're clever and you're affectionate and you really know how to make people laugh.

You love bath time and Peppa Pig. You love cars and your wooden toy train set, that used to be your brothers when he was your age. You're sociable and you love your brother (and everything that belongs to him). You love your Mummy, but you're a Daddy's boy really. You adore your cuddly Rabbit and you can't sleep without him (or your dummy). You hate wearing sandals or hoody's (just like your brother). You won't stay with us if you come out of your pushchair when we're out and you hate when Mummy goes into clothes shops! You like finishing every single cup of tea that ever gets made and you are obsessed with orange juice. You like pointing out aeroplanes especially to your Grandpop and you like trying to sing along to nursery rhymes. You'll sometimes do your best to come into our bed at night but then you will wriggle and fidget until we can't take it anymore and then you'll go back into your own bed. You love watching Ben and Holly and eating as many snacks as you can. You love swimming and bundling with your brother, on me and on your Daddy. You biggest love asides from a large plate of pasta is the great outdoors and attempting to be as naked as you can get. ;)

You're an amazing little boy and I love you with all of my heart and more. I hope you have the greatest second birthday tomorrow sweetheart.

Love always, from Mummy. xxxxx



  1. What a touching and lovely post Alex. Thus will be such a nice keepsake to look back on and when he's able to read. Xx

  2. Ahh happy birthday Logan! Hope you all have a lovely day xx

  3. Happy birthday, Logan. Lovely pics, Alex...such a lovely family.