The Sibling Project - The Boys in May | 2017

What I love a lot about my boys is how full of energy they are. How full of character and personality they are. How independent they are. How cheeky they are. How happy they are (where they're not tired and hungry of course!). 

I love how much spark they both have to their personalities. I love how even when they're tired, grumpy or hungry, they're still full of energy. Always on the go - always on the move. 

I love how they choose adventure every time. And how nothing is ever as fun as finding a secret path to explore or an open field to run in. 

I love how independent they are. But how much they like us near too.

 I love their brotherly bond. And how funny they find each other.

I love watching them grow together, explore together, change together, learn together, share memories together and laugh together.

I love how carefree they are. And how they're two little free spirits with so much adventure right in front of them.

Thanks for reading. Alex xo


  1. I love these Alex. The age gap is definitely becoming less every month with your boys. You can see they are two peas in a pod. So lovely to see x

  2. Love these. They look like they are the best of friends. They are so alike. #siblingsproject

  3. Wow Alex, your littlest isn't looking so little anymore! It's nice when age gaps close and the children can properly be buddies. Seeing your boys has made me even more excited for the arrival of our second boy next month! x

  4. They look so mischievous in their pyjamas! So sweet x

  5. You can tell how much fun they have together from those cheeky smiles! #siblingsproject

  6. I love when siblings are best friends, it makes me wish my sister had been closer to me in age. These are so lovely Alex. xx #siblingsproject