A Dinosaur Themed Birthday party - Ethan's Fourth Birthday

It's been a couple of weeks now, but our little Ethan has turned four! It's strange to think and to say out loud that I've been a Mummy for four whole years now and that I have a little boy who will be, come September, starting full time at school.

These have absolutely been the best four years of my life. They've been full of so much fun and character. I've grown so much in so many ways and I have become so much more content and happier. Being a parent is no walk in the park, but it's beyond any sort of amazing in so many ways. 

On Monday the 17th April, our excited little boy woke up and excitedly ran downstairs. He knew from past birthdays and from watching the videos that I make each year for his birthdays that we had probably set up something special for him. And we had. We'd gone for dinosaur themed decor this year. He started the year mad about planes, but it's well and truly become all about the dinosaurs. So dinosaur themed decor and presents it was!

We started the day off with presents of course and obviously a lot of the presents on Ethan's list this year were dinosaur related. I actually filmed a video where I shared some of the dinosaur gifts that we got Ethan for his birthday if you are interested in seeing what we got him.

In the same video I also shared lots of dinosaur birthday party decor finds I had picked up (mostly from Amazon), so if you have a dinosaur fan that would love this sort of thing then I'll pop the video below at the end of the post, alongside the video from his actual birthday.


For his birthday party we just had family round. His birthday fell on Easter Monday and also we felt like this would be the last birthday that would probably be just for family, as he'll probably want to do something with his school friends next year, so we just did a little spread and added a few dinosaur touches.

Ethan loved his dinosaur cake, which we actually got from Tesco (by ordering online). It was £30 and we were able to have it personalised too. It tasted really lovely!

It was such a lovely day and we all had so much fun celebrating Ethan's birthday. I actually think I love celebrating both of the boy's birthday's even more than I do my own. I get so excited when they are excited and I really love nothing more than seeing them happy. Our dinosaur-obsessed little guy seemed really happy with everything and was so excited to have his family celebrating with him! 

You can watch our video from the day here:

Or take a look at Ethan's dinosaur themed party decor and the birthday presents we got for him here:

Thank you for reading! Alex x

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  1. Ahh this is lovely Alex! It looks like such a brilliant day, great job with the decor! And that cake is such a bargain, I'd never think to look at tescos for personalised cakes! xx