The Sibling Project - The Boys in April | 2017

These two have become such little brothers. They are a force together, and they know it! Their personalities are so similar, and there really isn't anything better in the entire world to them then running around burning energy and ultimately being as crazy as they absolutely can be. 

I don't have one high energy one and one quieter one. They are both exactly the same. Although I do have to say, Ethan is definitely influenced by his little brother when Logan's being a monkey and I always thought it would be the other way around.

I think it must be lovely for my Husband, us having two little boys with a two year age gap, as he and his brother have two years between them too and I'm told that our boys personalities are quite similar to what Adam and his brother were like growing up.

Ethan and Logan are both full of energy probably about 85% of the time that they are awake. They spend the other 15% recharging. Ethan's into LEGO, dinosaurs and sometimes playmobil. He's at an age where he loves exploring his imagination and it's so lovely to watch.

Logan likes books, particularly lift the flap books and will sit and flick through them for ages whilst he recharges his energy. Logan also likes little toy cars, watching Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom and playing with the wooden train set.

Ethan's not massively in to watching television and whilst he sometimes watches YouTube videos, he gets bored of them easily and he can't really get in to any games on the iPad or iPhone.

Both together and individually they mostly love exploring, running, jumping and using their imaginations and whilst I mostly certainly have my hands full and it's not particularly easy taking them out to places, I wouldn't want them to be any other way.

It's been so lovely this month watching them get closer and closer. Logan seems so much older and Ethan really sees that in his brother. He knows he is no longer just a baby, but another little boy just like him, a brother and a friend. And just like you'd expect, they squabble. And sometimes they squabble and squabble and squabble for ages (mostly over toys and drinks cups at the moment), but then the very next moment they're back to being a team and they're giggling away with each other.

The Easter holidays have really shown me how close my boys are and how close they're always going to be. I feel so glad that we decided to have Logan when we did because even though the first year was a bit of a struggle whilst I adapted to having a baby and a toddler, I now absolutely love how close in age they are.

Ethan is going to turn four in two days time and Logan is well and truly a proper little toddler now and whilst I could never say that things are easy or that I always know how to handle it all, it really is amazing to get to spend my days looking after and raising these two gorgeous, cheeky boys of mine.


  1. Ah look at your gorgeous boys, both looking like the little boys that they now are. Ethan sounds a lot like my Alice, she doesn't have interest in games on iPads or watching much tv. And Holly my youngest is the monkey of my duo and is the leader!! x

  2. Oh Alex your boys are truly gorgeous. I see more of you in your eldest and more of your hubby in your littlest. Like two mini mes of you both. These are stunning that lighting, the beautiful smiles and those gorgeous blue eyes they both have are heart melting. WOW! My youngest isn't bothered with ipads/tv shows but my eldest is same thing here. #siblingsproject

  3. Ah they are looking so grown up Alex and so much more alike. Gorgeous boys x

  4. Your boys are so sweet and grown up. Glad they are close xxx

  5. They have such cute, cheeky smiles. It's so lovely seeing the fun they have together. #siblingsproject