The Sibling Project - The Boys in March | 2017

Oh my two little boys - they've become such a team, really and truly they are two cheeky little rascals, that find the most amusement from ganging up together and seeing what they can get away with. ;)

Though I do have to say that the team spirit seems to vanish as soon as something comes along that they both want. These photos may seem like they are brilliant at sharing, and in one respect they really are. But in another, they're just like any other siblings - they squabble. Mostly over a random object that is the centre of the universe at that particualr moment and then is discarded and worthless the next. But hey, that's sibling-hood for you! ;) 

It's difficult to put down in words how proud I am of them and how much I enjoy being a Mum to two little boys. I really do feel so lucky to get to be their Mum. They tire me out daily, but I've never ever been happier or more content than I am right now in my life. And I'm never ever happier than when I'm with them and I'm with Adam and we're a four, just hanging out together.

I feel like as a parent to two little children, as young as the boys are, it's easy to lose perspective when you're juggling so much - including a house and a job. But I've been reminded lately of what is most important and what it's really all for. And for me - that is us, it's my family and as long as we've all got each other, than that's all that really ever matters and should always mean that my glass is always half full.

It's amazing how much I feel like the boys have both individually grown up in the last year. Of course, they're still so little, but I've noticed how more grown up they both seem too. It makes me remember that I need to treasure it all, every little milestone.

I think the boys will become really close the older they get. I'm certain that there's much more squabbling to come, but I really think they're going to enjoy growing up together. It's going to be so fun for them and so fun for Adam and I to watch and get to be a part of.

They're so alike already, but different too. They're both so independent and so confident - they know what they like and they do what they can to have things their way They're stubborn too, Logan more so than Ethan, but in the cutest way.

They're kind and caring and observant (you can't sneak a chocolate biscuit past them for love nor money). Their smiles are the cheekiest and their laughs are the best.

They are my boys. Two little brothers. And they are my world. :)


  1. Ah look at them, you always capture the most beautiful images.
    Liza Prideaux | YouTube

  2. Cute! Look how much older Logan looks now I see the hair cut!