Ethanosaurus | World Book Day 2017

OK so I hadn't planned this post (as you'll be able to tell from my fabulously high-quality photographs, haha!), but then I saw this post from last year - my little Ethan, a year younger (and looking so much smaller) dressed up as the monkey from the Monkey Puzzle book. He was in nursery then and already, even a year later that seems so long ago. 

I loved seeing that little throwback to last years World Book Day and I thought that maybe I would see if I could make a post about the outfit he wears each day a regular (or rather yearly) thing. Just for me really - a little reminder each year and a lovely way to see how much he's grown and changed in a year. 

So for this year we went for none other than a dinosaur costume - Ethan's obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment and can tell you the names of pretty much all sorts of dinosaurs that you'd generally find in dinosaur-type books. What I love about Ethan and his interests is that when he likes something, he really really gets in to it and he loves nothing more than to sit and hear facts about whatever it is he's in to. Not too long ago it was planes, but since starting pre-school it's been dinosaurs. I think a few of the other kids there are in to dinosaurs too so I think that's where the interest has probably sparked from. 

Ethan can sit for ages playing with dinosaurs or listening to somebody talk to him about them or read him a book on them and he'll remember everything you tell him about them too. I'm very envious of his memory - he certainly didn't get his memory-skills from his Mum! ;)

I found this dino outfit on Amazon, it was around £17 or so I think and he loves it and it has already had so much use. It's such a great costume - really well designed and good value for money. Obviously I couldn't get my little dinosaur to stand still for long enough to let me get a picture on my phone of him in it that wasn't blurry, but I didn't mind - I highly suspect that real dinosaurs didn't want to stand still for very long either!

So that was Ethan on World Book Day 2017. I wonder what he'll want to be next year? :)


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  1. Thats a lovely costume and the price for that is great. We didn't do World Book Day. Maybe next year.