The Me and Mine Family Portrait Project - February 2017

And just like that, it's the last day of the month again - how does it go so quickly? 

I may have forgotten to have this post written and ready to go up this morning. Well, that's not quite true - I did remember the post and I had my photo ready, I'd just forgotten that the month of February gets cut short, so it turns out that I've lost a few days in my head.

Our photo was taken at the weekend after we found a totally random lake, that we'd never visited before to walk around. We were pretending that we were sort of on a bear hunt, like from the book. It was really nice and so good to get fresh air and be outdoors again after feeling like we've been doing everything possible to avoid the cold weather for months now. We really love being outdoors - but we're definitely warm-weather Summer people.

This month has been a month of social developments for me. After filming and posting a video about feeling lonely as a Mum on my YouTube channel, I realised that I needed to work on that side of things for me. I think I found it far too easy to sit back and think I was the only one feeling lonely as a Mum - I always thought that most other people we're fine and had their sets of friends and Mum-friends sorted. But I realised after the overwhelming response the video had from people feeling just like me, that I had this wrong. And it made me realise - you never really know how anyone else is feeling, unless you ask. You can presume all you like, but you don't really ever know how someone is feeling behind closed doors, unless of course - you reach out and ask them.

And with this new knowledge it gave me the confidence to start reaching out and to start setting dates for meet-ups with people that had reached out to me. I've met a couple of ladies now and I'm starting to see that the nerves and worries I had about making new Mum-friends, were just pointless feelings that I'd been allowing to stand in my way for too long. No-one really has it all together, everybody needs a friend or friends no matter who they are. I'm going to write a full post on this soon, maybe even today, with the hope that it'll help others out just like me. But for now, if you see this and feel similarly - then just know - you're never on your own.

Asides from that, we're all pretty happy. We have our down moments, our struggle moments, our 'arghhh' moments and then all the good stuff too. Adam and I are both enjoying the boys at the ages they are, despite the fact that Logan keeps throwing himself on the floor (the terrible-two's have graced us with their presence early) and Ethan keeps coming home from pre-school with full-on proper threenager attitude (he told us he doesn't the like the world or anything in it the other day!). We feel like we have two little boys now, rather than a toddler and a baby and it's nice - life is always eventful and it feels good to watch them grow into little people and see their bond strengthen as brothers (aww moments, argh moments and all).

Tomorrow we get our new car - it's Adam's dream family car and I'm excited for him. I know how much he's going to love it and enjoy it. And he deserves it - he works so hard juggling his business and a part time job and he does so much as a Dad and a Husband. I'll maybe try to share a picture of it on social media tomorrow for those that are interested in which car we've picked.

And that's really all from us this month. I hope your month has been good and I hope that you have a really wonderful March too. :)

The Me and Mine Project
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  1. Im just going to watch that vlog now - I have a lot of moments like that so it will be good to hear your experience too. I really enjoyed this post Alex..very real and honest, and a lovely pic! Hope March is good to you all and you enjoy your new car x #meandmine

  2. That's a beautiful photo of you all. I am so pleased to hear that you've reached to people Alex and that it has paid off. Such a brave step to take and I am in awe of you. I hope one day that our paths will meet, as I missed you at the conference last year x #meandmine

  3. I am loving the photo, just gorgeous! I'm also very excited to see Adam's new car xxx

  4. Lovely photo of you. Always nice to discover somewhere new that's closeby. The boys are always so smiley!

  5. What a lovely spot you found. So glad that you have managed to help yourself by reaching out. As I think I have said before after Britmums I often feel like this and it's nice to one you are certainly not alone x

  6. Lovely picture :) Glad to read that you have had a positive month on the social front. Wil have to keep a look out for the new car :) xx

  7. Really lovely photo of you all. It's always fun to discover somewhere new isn't it! x

  8. Gorgeous family snap hunny. Love the fun going on here. So exciting that Adam gets his dream car that's amazing. It's such a great feeling when you get a new one. I am actually getting my new car tomorrow I am like a little kid again so excited. Hope you have a wonderful month ahead. #meandmineproject

  9. You guys are just too cute for me to cope! Gorgeous family photo! x