Our Christmas 2016 | Part Two and a Video

We've celebrated Christmas Day at Adam's parents house for the last few years now. We spend a lot of time with his family and so it's really nice to spend Christmas with them too. This year we stayed over - we thought it would be a good idea at the time - our thought was that we'd both be able to drink and not have to worry about packing ourselves back up that evening, driving home and then getting the boys in bed. And it was lovely to have got to just relax in the evening and both enjoy a Baileys or too, but the boys had other plans when it came to actually sleeping. 

We all stayed in Adam's sister's bedroom and Ethan (who was more than likely very over-excited by everything) woke up and then woke Logan up, who then decided it was party time...! I think it was about 4am when we finally caught a little bit of sleep. It was not a nice nor fun night for anyone. But despite this, it was still lovely to have spent the evening and the next morning with everybody all under one roof. 

As I'm sure you can tell from the scary photo above, we played games during the day on Christmas Day. 'Speak Out' being one of them - which was amazing and so funny! I wish we could have played for longer. We also played Cranium that evening whilst sipping on Baileys with ice with very full tummies. 

Dinner was lovely, Adam's parents made Adam, I and the boys a veggie meal and we all sat around the table together eating Christmas dinner, pulling crackers and reading jokes. It was the perfect Christmas Day dinner! 

I bought Logan a festive Christmas bib/cover which looked so cute on him. Unfortunately the only picture I managed to get of him with it on was this one of him with a face full of food! Classy! ;) 

And since Logan no longer needed his traditional bib, Adam's Uncle Robin stepped in to make good use of it! 

I didn't get many other photos whilst we were there, I focused more on capturing our memories via video this year and even left my DSLR at home. I've made a video of our favourite memories over Christmas and have uploaded it on to my YouTube channel and have embedded it below if you would like to have a watch.

On Boxing Day after breakfast we packed ourselves up and squeezed all of the lovely gifts we'd been given into our car and headed home to host a small get to together with my family. It was so nice to see my sister and her boyfriend, as my sister has moved down to Dorset to live with her boyfriend and so we don't get to see each other much at all anymore.

We all sat around opening presents, the boys got so much - I don't think we could even see an inch of my living room floor by the time they were done opening everything. My family all got Adam and I some really lovely gifts too, which was so nice of them. After presents and buffet food, we all played Pie Face - I'd been so excited to play it since before even buying it. It was so much fun and so funny up until the point that you're the one getting pied! ;) Adam missed his chance to snap a picture of me having just been pied - but he did manage to get it on video! It was a really lovely Boxing Day spent with my family - it was so nice to have everyone together.

The day after Boxing Day was a bank holiday and Adam and I decided to take another cheeky day off of work related things and have an extra family day together. We headed over to our favourite Italian restaurant, Prezzo, and then perhaps bravely hit a few shops to check out the sales with the boys. I snapped these below couple of pictures on my phone so they aren't the best quality at all, but even so I like them for the memories.

The boys received so many wonderful presents from family over Christmas, they were so lucky and one of their presents were these new dressing gowns from their Grandma and Grandpop. I thought I'd add these pictures in as they are in fact among only a few photos that I took on my DSLR this Christmas, plus I think they both look super cute and super snug!

So that was our Christmas 2016 - it was really really lovely and full of happy, family memories, just like 2016 was. I can't believe we're now in January 2017 - a brand new year! I hope 2017 will be just as special and I really hope that it's as lovely for you all too.

Thank you to all of you who read and support my blog and watch and support my YouTube channel too, I am grateful for every single like and for every single comment - I really do appreciate it so so much. Happy new year everybody! <3

Watch our Christmas Video:



  1. Aww the boys make the cutest little monsters in their dressing gowns!

  2. Ah it sounds like a lovely Christmas! Random question - What was your Christmas Day dinner? I saw it on your video and was intrigued what the meat replacement was?
    That speak out game looks hilarious! Tyne loves pie face, I'm not so keen as I'm always the one getting pied lol xx

  3. Aww so cute. Your family look lovely. The boys are sooo happy...sweet.