The Sibling Project - The Boys in December | 2016

I'm back with another few snapshots from throughout the month of my boys and again whist they may be pretty much all blurry or grainy (hello Winter darkness!), they are all full of personality, tell stories of moments in time I want to remember and show the brotherhood bond between my little guys. And really that's what I want most from this sibling project.  

The thing with my boys is, they just don't really like to sit still - ever. They are go go go go go, all day long. Though they may stop for the odd snack or two or if there's a good episode of Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol. They are full of energy and I think that's pretty clear from the photos I (just about) capture of them. I have a feeling they'll probably be really good at PE at school and probably high achievers in School Sports Day's! ;)

The thing I love about this picture the most is that Ethan is pulling on Logan's carrot. He's obsessed by it!

These pictures make me laugh too - the boys were having a crawling race in my bedroom. One of them was always trying to cheat and get in front of the other and they just couldn't stop laughing. Ethan was sweating buckets by the time we stopped! As you can see, in between being the race oversee-er I did try and capture the action - next time I think I'll try the sport mode. In fact what am I saying, at ALL times I really should be using the sports mode when photographing the boys!

Oh and I tried to get a lovely shot of them wearing their new festive jumpers in front of the Christmas tree and that went a bit like this...

Haha! You can literally see the craziness in their faces. They certainly like to keep their Mama on her toes!

It's funny because I feel like they both have their own unique look, but they are also starting to look quite similar in the face in certain ways. Logan is definitely catching up height-wise with his big bro', it's crazy to see how fast actually. They're both as crazy as each other (as you can tell) and whist it's lovely, it's not always easy, sometimes it's rather hard work. But for me, there's still nothing better than seeing them happy together. That feeling just never gets old.



  1. I LOVE these! Holly is just like this, I can't get her to stop and sit for even a second. Your boys are just mini versions of you two, it's lovely to see. x

  2. Haha Oh I totally relate, my 3 literally never stop moving these days...it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a photo of them all together. Two is almost doable...with bribery, three...no chance lol. They're just always moving and as soon as you sit one down, another has got up and run away again!
    I think Ethan and Logan are SO like each other now, they almost look like twins <3 xx

  3. Haha that's so funny about the carrot. I don't blame him. #siblingsproject