The Me and Mine Family Portrait Project - December 2016 | Christmas Time & The Close Of 2016

Oh December, how bitter sweet you are! Most of December is spent feeling like we're in a washing machine on the fast cycle, and then there's Christmas time when it all just feels so worth it - it all makes sense as we stop for a few days and enjoy the results of our hard work as we just get to 'be' as a family and enjoy our home together. 

December feels a bit like a race. It's a race against the clock mostly and we're usually just about scraping in at the finish line everyday, shattered and exhausted we hit our beds and then do it all again the very next day. But then there are days in between - the days we force ourselves to stop and be 'off'', enjoy what's going on around us and do something for us. 

When I step back a bit I know we're doing our best and we're doing a great job at doing our best, I feel lucky and fortunate for so much, but none more so than for the three people I spend my life with, share my home with and who each own a third of my heart. 

Three people who make life as I know it - who make it all fun and worthwhile and who feel my heart with happiness and contentment. They make me laugh, cry, sing, dance, but most of all they've helped me to realise who I am.

Our house, our life, our family, it's oh so very crazy. Crazy in so many ways, it's manic, it's fast, it's pretty much non-stop, but it's also crazy fun, crazy good and just the right amount of crazy. 

I could never have imagined it any better than this. 

To my wonderful family, who I love so very much each and everyday. <3

2016 you've been the best, we've done so much and we've loved it all, the good times, the hard times and the tough times. 2016 you've changed me, I'm leaving this year as a slightly different person, a better person I think.

I'm grateful for all of the memories - memories I will treasure forever. I can only hope and work hard to wish that 2017 will be just as wonderful.

A huge thank you to Lucy dearbeautifulboy.com, a fellow blogging friend of mine who invited me to co-host the fantastic Me and Mine project with her. It's really a big thanks to you that I made the time to ensure that we took the time capture monthly family photos that I honestly will go on to treasure forever.

I hope 2017 is a wonderful, happy, healthy year for everyone. See you next year!

The Me and Mine Project
Please do link up any pictures you have from this month of you with your family with us. If you don't have a blog you can link up using the hashtag #meandmineproject (@meandmineproject) on Instagram if you're on there or via our Facebook page. Click the following links to check out the other co-hosts Lucy - Dear BeautifulKatie - Mummy Daddy MeFritha - Tigerlilly QuinnJenny - Lets Talk Mommy and Lucy - Capture By Lucy


  1. Oh words cannot express how much I love this picture! It's a brilliant way to end the year and definitely the way to begin 2017; with family lots of love and laughter!

  2. Aww I love your post, your words sentiment are truly beautiful Alex. It was so lovely to meet you this year. I absolutely love all of your me and mine photos from this year, you really have captured the spirit of your family. Have a great start to NY x #meandmine

  3. Your words, your picture, both equally beautiful. You've had a brilliant year as a family and I can't wait to see what 2017 brings you x

  4. Such a fun photo I love it. I nodded along to your description of December - we have a birthday on the 30th too so I always feel like I am in a constant state of forgetting something! x

  5. Such a fun photo, I love it!! And beautiful photos from throughout the year too. Hope this one is just as amazing for you #meandmine

  6. What a beautiful year of family captures for your four lovely family members darling. I absolutely love this project and all that it motivates me to capture. Here's to another year of family portraits together. Happy New Year! #meandmineproject

  7. Love your photo this month. It's so festive and fun! Have a great new year 2017!

  8. Great photos, I know what you mean about a crazy household but it's great fun isn't it!

  9. I love that you've had such a great 2016. It's been pretty epic for us too! Happy 2017 x #MeandMine

  10. Aaah I LOVE this project Alex!! I've just completed my third full year — I should put them altogether from start to finish and see just how things have changed!! I love your festive photo — so sweet! Happy new year to you and your lovely family, Caro xx Happy new year Steph!! Here's to a bright and happy 2017! It's so lovely to see everyone's pics from the last year :) Caro xx #MeanddMine

  11. Lovely and true words Alex. I love the funky December photo of the four of ye. It can't get more festive than that. #meandmine