A Moment I Love: The Preschool Run

It's funny because it's not until I take Ethan to preschool or pick him up, that I realise just how little he still is compared to all of the other bigger children attending the big part of the school. He always looks so tiny as we head in to the gates with all of the other parents and the kids. I almost want to scoop him up in my arms and hold on to him.

When Ethan's at home, my Husband and I both say that we feel like he is older than he really is, but I think that maybe that's because he now has a little brother and obviously he seems so much older than Logan does. (Although Logan is really starting to catch up on him!).

I actually love when it's my turn to pick Ethan up or take him to school, because for one I love seeing how happy and settled he is at preschool. It's such a nice school and it's one of the main reasons that we moved to where we did - it's nice to see a vision that you had for your child when they were just a baby become a reality. But I also love it, because nothing melts my heart as much as collecting my baby from school and watching him skip (or scoot on his scooter) home with me in his ever so slightly big, but oh so very tiny school uniform, with his bobble hat and little winter coat on.
I love being able to pick him up earlier than the normal school finish time - it's so lovely to just take that super quiet ten minute walk with him. The weekdays are quite manic work wise and so I just really enjoy that quiet one-on-one time with him.

Every morning that he goes he always has to take a toy with him, he likes to show his friends and his teachers. He used to always take a different plane with him and teach his friends and teachers the names of different aircraft. But since starting preschool, he's found a new passion for dinosaurs, dragons and monsters. So this morning it was a green dragon that came with us on our super icy walk to school. It's sweet really - he's always so keen to show everyone what he has and then it gets passed over to either Adam or I so that we can take it home and keep it 'safe'.

I never thought I'd enjoy the preschool runs as much as I do and maybe, in time, perhaps when Ethan is full time, I won't find them so enjoyable, but right now they definitely feel worth getting out of bed and heading out in to the cold for.



  1. This is so sweet. X

  2. My boy needs to take a toy to creche every morning too. The only thing is that he is not allowed to keep it in in case it gets lost so we are getting out of the habit now because it is always a drama trying to bring it home. lol
    Friday is toy Friday though and everyone is allowed to bring a toy. Everyday they can bring a book actually.