The Sibling Project - The Boys in November | 2016

Who knew that it was the 15th November already? I certainly didn't, not until right now at 9pm on the 14th! 

I'm not prepared really with a picture of my boys from November. I certainly don't have any pictures to share of them from my DSLR. These somewhat grainy photos have come straight off of my iPhone because the first half of this month has totally and utterly ran away with itself. 

But do you know what? I actually like these photos from my phone. They may not be perfect in the sense of quality, but they're perfect to me in that they show some lovely moments that I've had with the boys this month where I've managed to capture a picture of them both together. 

And really, that's what this project is about. I want to look back and remember these little everyday moments and see how much they've both grown and how fast my littlest man seems to be catching up with his big brother.

Although this picture seems slightly mad to me, how is it that my biggest boy looks too big for the baby swings already? They're both just growing and growing more and more each day!

We don't usually get to do many activities together as a three, they both still want to do different sorts of things because of the difference in their ages and I usually split my time between them that way. But on this occasion, Logan was quite happy to sit nicely and play with the pots whilst Ethan and I made lots of different shapes with play doh. Which was quite nice! 

This picture brings back a smile. I was teaching Ethan about the solar system and he was asking if his Grandma lived on Mars, which made me laugh. Logan was copying his big brother's pointing and he kept pointing at different planets and babbling and then ended by licking the poster (as you do!).

Isn't it mad that the next time I write my post for the siblings project, we'll be half way through our advent calendars and just 10 days away from Christmas Day!!


  1. They are looking more and more alike every month. You can see their relationship growing through the photos. Don't say that I can't believe we are nearly in December, how did that happen! x

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeek Im so excited that next month will be festive photos!! Ahh these are lovely captures of your lovely boys Alex. I didnt realise it was Siblings day until right now, so you did better than me! #Siblings

  3. Oh dear god I had a mild panic at that last line. I love Christmas time so so much but I am totally not ready for Eva Dee to be 6 (which is 5 days after!) These photo's are lovely and I think the middle of the month has surprised alot of us this month! x

  4. Little cuties, lovely photos :) x

  5. It is great just to capture the everyday interactions. A great set of pics of your gorgeous 2 boys. #siblingsproject