The Sibling Project - Brothers in October | 2016

Last month I wrote about how I felt the boys had grown up quite a bit and this month is going to be very much of the same, especially so with Logan. 

Logan seems to be growing up more and more each day and is changing and learning constantly. He is much better on his feet and though he lacks a little confidence to become a full time walker, he is taking more and more steps each day. 

He and his brother are either bundling on top of eachother, encouraging each other and giggling or they're having a domestic about a toy or over a juice cup, despite them each having their own. 

We have well and truly entered brotherhood for these two. 

One of my favourite times to see them together is bath time, though it is rarely smooth as Logan doesn't quite grasp the concept of simply sitting in the bath tub. He'd much rather stand and then proceed to slip, which means bath times are usually very quick for our littlest mister at the moment. 

But when he's not standing and bashing his face in the bath, Logan is playing nicely with his brother or climbing all over him, which in the bath, Ethan doesn't seem to mind, in fact he thinks it's quite funny. 

People always tell us that Ethan looks a lot like me and Logan looks a lot like Adam and I can totally see it! Especially Adam in Logan. It's like they are a mini us! Although Logan's a feisty little hot head a lot of the time which is so not like his Daddy! Lets just hope it's his one year old emotions! ;)

I love that in both of these photos of the boys, Ethan's clutching a plane. He literally is rarely without one! I've said it before, but I love that he has this little passion of his. It's so lovely, I don't know of many other 3 year olds that can name the names of old vintage aircraft! 

Ethan has been so excited by Logan taking his first steps, it will be so interesting to see what life looks like for them both as brothers when they're able to walk to the park or run around the house together. I think it will totally change the way that they interact with each other and I'm excited for it for them! 


  1. Looking at that first picture I was just thinking how much Ethan is looking like you. Logan is looking like a proper little boy and really becoming a toddler. Gorgeous photos of your boys x #thesiblingsproject

  2. Oh they are so cute, love their matching outfits! #siblingsproject

  3. Oh look at their matching PJs! SO CUTE! Their age gap is really getting less and less noticeable! x

  4. They are the cutest brothers! Ethan definitely is like you and Logan is his dad's double.

  5. Oh gosh Alex Logan does look so grown up in these! beautiful x

  6. I can't believe how grown up they both look! So adorable. I love their little matching PJs too, so cute! xxx