Funny Things My 3 Year Old Says!

Ethan has been making me laugh so much lately. He's at an age or time in his speech development where he just comes out with the funniest little things. I think some of it most come from recently starting at  pre-school and being around other children, maybe picking up little things from older children (they are mixed with the reception aged kids).

The other day he was in the bath and Logan (who is a little cheeky menace at the moment!) was winding him up, Ethan then came out with "Why is this baby in our country??!" which made me laugh out loud.

He seems to have a thing with our country at the moment because he's also asked me, "Why are all of those cats in our country?" whilst looking at our cats and also asked why he doesn't have any Raptors (F-22 planes) in his country (yes HIS country), though he did correct himself and say, "No, OUR country".

If he doesn't recognise a word he'll say, "What is this silly word?" with a really patronising tone, haha!

He's picking up on absolutely everything we say, his ears do not miss a thing! He uses nicknames I use for things (I tend to use nicknames rather than real names mostly because I'm a little weird!). So we call our cats.. 'Charlie Beans (for Charlie), Sooty is William (don't ask!) and Sammy is Sammy Smoush (again don't ask!). The teacher at pre-school asked him what his cats were called the other day and he listed them like that, I found out when the teacher asked me just how many cats we have at home...Whoops! ;)

He picks up on phrases I use, like 'My darling'. If I am sad or if I hurt myself accidentally he'll come over, put his arm around me and say 'It's OK my darling.' followed by, 'I'm here, I'm here' which is something that I say to him!

He finishes my sentences, so he used to finish my 'Oh my...' with 'God' so I changed it and try and say 'Bellabum!!' when I am shocked about something. Bellabum was my cats name when I was growing up, he was my dude and so it makes sense in my head haha. So now I'll go 'Bella' and he'll finish what I'm saying with 'Bum!'.

The other day he came and sat on my lap and said, "Aww you're so cute, can I keep you?".. which is something I would and have said to him! ;)

It's amazing watching them learn from you and from their surroundings, it's so funny hearing them copy you. Logan has been standing up and taking his first steps lately and Adam and I have been trying to encourage him by saying, "Yeah good boy Logan, good standing, good walking!" and now Ethan says the same in the same tone of voice that we say it. It's so funny.

I can't imagine what it'll be like to have two talkers on my hands, since Ethan began talking at around two and half so much has changed. We waited so long to hear him talk and it was so so worth the wait!


  1. Finding Nemo phrase right there. ;) I laugh out loud what my 4 year old comes out with sometimes. You have to be really careful now what you say because they pick it up so quickly. There is a phrase he says which is a bad word and I am trying to get him to say witch instead of the word with the b in front. lol He messes with me sometimes and says it on purpose.

  2. I just love the funny things kids say. I wrote a post like this the other day. It's so important to write them down because soon they stop saying them and you forget!

  3. Its just the funniest thing hearing your words come out of your child. They are so funny at this age and Alice is just the same. x

  4. It is so much fun isn't it, hearing them starting to chat with you like this :) very cute!

  5. Lol so funny about the "our country" thing! Tyne is obsessed with asking "Do we have xxx in England?"...today it was Dinosaurs, yesterday it was cheese?!!! They're so random at this age! So hilarious though!!! Its lovely that Ethan is talking so brilliantly now after how much you worried about it, he's definitely making up for it!! xx

  6. Ethan is funny and cute! At this age, they learn things fast