The Stories Behind Our Names

I love finding out the stories behind the names of things, be it people, businesses or animals. Whatever it is - it's usually quite interesting hearing how names have come about. 

My own full name is Alexandra and apparently I was named after a Queen by my real Dad, who wasn't really in my life much. He had two other girls, my half sisters on his side and he named them after former Queens too, their names are Anne and Victoria. I don't have a middle name, I'm not really sure why.

My Mum gave her other children middle names but maybe she thought Alexandra sounded long enough!
I've always found it rather amusing that when you look the meaning of my name up it says protector/defender of man/men. And then you look Adam's up and his means 'Man'. That's got to be fate eh?

When it came to naming our boys, neither Adam or I have ever been that bothered about how common or uncommon a name is. We went with what felt right to us after hearing it and what the name meant to us. I love both Ethan and Logan's names but there aren't really many other boys names I'm massively in to. 

As some of you may know I am with Channel Mum over on YouTube and this month one of their topics for their vloggers was on the subject of baby names. I thought this would make for a really interesting video and so I recorded a little insight in to the stories behind the boys' first names and their middle names. I'm not sure that many people would be able to guess the stories behind them, so if you're interested you can have a watch via this link or below :)

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  1. Loved finding out how you named your boys. So funny how we find names that we love and go on to name our children. I massively struggle with boys names too, but never had that problem :-) x