The Sibling Project - Brothers in September | 2016

Parenting is a funny old thing isn't it? September so far has been a month of Ethan starting at his new pre-school, Logan starting swimming lessons and Adam decreasing his shifts in his part time job even further as to focus more on his business and give me more time write this blog and create my videos. 

The boys have grown up a lot lately and at the moment they're finding their feet in the world, Ethan going in to the world of pre-school and schooling and Logan quite literally in that it feels like it won't be long before he begins life on two feet. 

They're finding their feet as brothers too. They are much more of a team then they've ever been, both in the sweetest ways and in the teaming up against Mummy and Daddy ways. 

Life with two isn't always smooth, any parent will tell you that. Some days Adam and I collapse on to the sofa/bed the minute we've put the boys in to bed. Intentions to work go out of the window and we call it a day. Some days things seem to feel like they fit and that they are just how they should be. And other days feel like the best days ever - like no day ever in the history of days has even been quite as good or ever will be.

Having a three and a one year old usually feels a little bit (OK a lot) manic, but then no matter what it's like we just don't want it to change. We look at our boys and all we see is love and pride. We're so proud of them and we're proud of ourselves for everything we do everyday. Loving your children is the easiest job in the world, but raising them sometimes feels like the hardest and so we try and recognise that we're doing our best everyday, especially on the more challenging days. 

The biggest reward is seeing our boys grow as individuals but also watching their bond thicken. There's nothing better in the world than watching them giggle and laugh together. Their favourite thing is 'bundling' on top of each other. Little Logan often forgets how little he is as he goes in face first with his feet in the air, they're both mad, but it's the best. Logan has also just started copying his big brother, with his obsession with all things planes. Logan will sit with Ethan with a plane in his hand and copy exactly what Ethan does - he'll fly his plane around and make plane noises and it's just the cutest. 

Life is going to change so much for these boys when Logan takes to his feet, suddenly life will look very different for Logan, and Ethan will realise that his baby brother is no longer just a 'baby'. These photos are from an airshow we went to recently. There's a sticker on the side of Ethan's arm which reads 'Future Pilot' and you you know what? I think that little sticker might just be right. 

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  1. These photos are GORGEOUS Alex, some of my favourites of the pair of them I think. It's lovely to see their bond grow as the youngest one moves further and further out of the baby days, isn't it? I don't think we're far off having a teeny walker and the older two are sooo excited about it. x

  2. Lovely photos Alex. Oh I can't wait until Chloe takes off. Both of mine are having great fun chasing each other with Chloe on the walker. I can only imagine what it will be like when she takes off. xx

  3. Such sweet pictures! It sounds like they have a brilliant bond.

  4. You have such gorgeous boys - and they look so similar! Lovely photos x

  5. These photos are beautiful Alex, they really do look so happy to be together. You can also see the cheekiness they both have and I think you will have your hands full when Logan starts walking and talking. x

  6. Ahh bless, they are adorable. Beautiful photos of them! Omg cling on to these days when Logan isnt walking yet, your whole world is about to get turned upside down once they're chasing each other!!! Monkeys! lol xx

  7. So cute. It will be amazing when you have another walker on your hands, it does of course change the dynamics but if it's anything like my two it will soon lead to exciting times and adventures for them both! X

  8. Love these photos of them! My two definitely gone on a lot more once Archie was able to walk - and now they just run around together like they've been best friends for ages! Im so looking forward to reading about them both next month. I agree with you so much, loving them is so easy but raising them is a completely different ball game!xx

  9. Picture perfect is all I can ever describe your little boys together. I love it. What a great bond they are creating between them. They are looking more and more alike everyday. I love these captures, so sweet. #siblingsproject