The Next Chapter | Saying Goodbye to First Nursery

So that's it my baby, you've said goodbye to the place that will always be known as your first nursery. You've said goodbye to the friends that you made whilst you were there and the staff who looked after you. 

I don't know how much of it you understand, but I think you're more aware than I know. You took in cakes for the other children and you went around to them all saying goodbye and telling them that you are going to be going to pre-school. You're excited and you keep asking me when you're going, but I don't know if you realise that you won't ever be going back to your other nursery. 

You only went there two mornings a week and when I say it like that it seems like quite a short amount of time. But you grew so much there. Your speech developed there - rapidly. You started as a non-talker and rather quickly became a chatterbox. Your confidence grew. And your understanding of things grew.

I feel a little emotional about it all, not that I'd let you see as you should have no reason to feel uneasy. I guess I just feel like that little chapter has closed and you're moving on to a new nursery/pre-school (which is at the school you'll be attending when you're ready to go to school). 

I hope you'll be OK there, I hope you'll settle quickly and I hope you'll be as happy as you were at your previous nursery. I hope the change doesn't overwhelm you too much. I expect there to be some tears of course I do, it's natural, but I hope you find your confidence and your feet and make a lovely set of new friends to play with. I hope you continue to thrive in your new nursery and grow in confidence. I hope you are happy and that going an extra morning isn't going to feel like too much. 

You being gone an extra morning a week, is something I think we're all going to feel. We've loved our Wednesday's - they've usually always been free for us to do as we please together as a family, but from now on you'll be at nursery until nearly 2pm and I think we'll miss those Wednesday days. But we'll make it work - we have a few new changes from now on to our usual weeks, with Daddy dropping hours and your brother starting up swimming, so we'll adjust. 

I'm such an emotional Mummy, but I know you'll be fine. I can't imagine what I'll be like when you do come to starting full time school (I can't even think about it!!). But at least when that time does come, you will have already been going to nursery at the place that will become school for you and so it will feel familiar, which is the whole reason for the change now. 

And so that is it - your last day done. A new start on Monday morning. We'll all be there to hold your hand and see you in. We'll take a lunchbox with us and make sure you feel settled before we leave. You made some lovely friends at your previous nursery like Charlie and Jake and Michael and you had some great times and did some amazing things. But there's more to come yet, much more. And I hope you'll love this next new chapter just as much as you did the first. 

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  1. It was the same for us this week. Bye bye Nursery and a new start. Our twin boys love their school friends and teachers.

    1. I hope they have been liking their new nursery/pre-school? x

  2. Ahh bless him, it sounds like nursery has done wonders for him. It's such an emotional time isn't it, I hope he'll love his new nursery and I'm sure he'll make lots of friends. xx

    1. I feel like it's been great for him. He seems to be getting on well at his new pre-school, I'm so glad. xx

  3. Ah I love reading your updates, I hope he loves his new nursery lovey I'm sure he will x