The Me and Mine Family Portrait Project - September 2016

I have to admit that September may have run away a bit for me. I'm sitting here writing this at half past eight this morning after watching lots of lovely family snaps from fellow bloggers fill my timeline. I can't quite believe that today is the very last day of September just as much as I can't quite believe how fast it has come around.

September has been a month of change for us, all good changes, but changes that we are still trying to get used to together. Adam dropped some hours at his second job meaning that we both have more time to invest in to what we really love doing the most, Adam with his Lego business and me with writing this blog and creating my videos. It's made things easier despite the fact that I was so unorganised with this post this month, but that really is due to not expecting the month to fly by so quickly.

Ethan started pre-school this month and that's been a big change for us. We moved him from two mornings a week at nursery, to a proper school environment where he goes for three half days. He absolutely loves it and we have the best feeling about the school, but Ethan has had to get used to not napping during the day on the days he goes there and it's been quite tough on him in that respect. I think that Ethan, although he has settled in so well already, needs to adjust to pre-school life properly. He's growing up a bit and he realises it. But with that brings this new found independence and with that it often brings the 'I don't want or need to listen to you anymore'. But we expected this and we think it will take a couple of months for him to adjust to the huge change that is starting in a brand new school environment.

Logan seems to be a bit more grown up this month too, he's started baby swimming and he in fact took his very first steps last night! He took 3 or 4 steps and then he fell into my arms and did this twice. I ran to get my camera to film it but he was so excited and laughing so much that he couldn't do it again. I wonder if by the end of the weekend whether or not we'll have a little walker on our hands? If so - life is about to look very different for us!

I celebrated my 28th birthday on the 9th September and we took a trip to Kelling Heath where we got these photographs. Kelling Heath was lovely, but the trip was one of the hardest we've ever done. Ethan had just started pre-school and I just feel like we were all our of sync with each other. It's the first and only time we've had a trip like that that felt more of a challenge than anything but I feel like as we all start to get used to changes in routines and changes in the boys, things will settle back down (I hope!).

This month I've done a bit of growing myself, despite continuing to struggle with my anxiety I have felt more confident about other things.. like being on camera, I really want to keep filming more and more and get to a point where I'm maybe filming 2-3 videos a week. I'm really enjoying being on YouTube, it's helping with my confidence so much. I've also totally shocked myself by suddenly feeling more up to travelling to events through my blog, something I've always shied away from before as I have travel anxiety. I am going to an event on Monday, on a train around two hours away by myself.. that's not something I would ever have done before and what's even more crazy is that I am also booked in for another trip where I will be leaving the country without my family for the day in October! That's an insane concept to me, but something that will do SO much for my anxiety and confidence levels when I've done it. I'm working with a brand for it so I will share more about it later on on my blog.

September really has felt like a month of growing.. for everyone. It's been fast, but eye-opening. It's been challenging but we've learnt.

The Me and Mine Project
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  1. Lovely photos and what an exciting month. first steps are amazing well done Logan a definite month of change! x

  2. Gorgeous photos! Your boys are growing up so much lately. Well done for taking these steps and making your self attend events. I know it's not easy for you, but you are doing amazing. I can't wait to read all about it X

  3. These are lovely photos. October sounds like an exciting month for you!

  4. Oh what beautiful photos and what a month for big changes - I'm glad Ethan is enjoying preschool even if it does wipe him out a bit, and it's so exciting that you're able to spend even more time pursuing your passion. Good for you for saying yes to the big things - I am very much looking forward to hearing about what you get up to on your day trip!

  5. I really found September flew by as well. I saw a Me and Mine Photo published and thought to myself "that's early" follow by "oh s**t, it's October????"

  6. Oh Alex you all are so gorgeous I love these captures. Full of happiness, fun and color, as always you look stunning as ever my dear. September literally blinked by for us too. I can't believe it's October already. #meandmineproject