The Days Of Our Lives

I love that lately I feel like I am really being able to juggle both having a blog and a youtube channel. It's certainly not easy in the little time I have free to get to do this, but I feel really passionately about both and I have talked countless times before about how much being on YouTube is helping me to grow my confidence, which when I started was quite low when it came to being filmed or being on camera. 

I really do hope to continue to grow both of these platforms (as well as my social channels). I won't always be blogging and vlogging about being Mum to babies but I hope to continue to share our lives and share an insight about what life is like for me as a Mum as my boys grow older and as we make our ways together through the chapters of our lives. 

I was looking back through some of my older videos the other night and I found just some ordinary, everyday day in the life vlogs I had made. I ended up watching them all, it was so lovely to be able to step back in time and re-live some of the moments that otherwise may have been forgotten. 

And with all of the emotions of Ethan starting at his new pre-school this week and me thinking about the future and how life with children just continuously changes as they grow and grow and then go on to become their own people with their own families. I realised again why I do what I do.

When I'm old and grey and my boys are older too, I know I will look back at this time in my life and want to remember the little moments. The way my boys smiled, the way they talked, the sort of Mummy I was when they were tiny, the way our house looked, our little routines and our way of doing things. 

I want to know that just like I did the other night, I can access all of those small but precious memories and moments with just the click of a button. 

And so I want to record more, I want to hear their voices more, I want to be able to capture days, no matter how ordinary or unordinary they are. I want to be able to re-live all of family moments over and over again. The silly moments, the happy moments, the sad moments, I just want to keep as much as I can. 

I sadly don't hold the magic key to time. Life's about juggling and I'm juggling the most I've ever juggled in my life right now. But I do hope to make videos like the little day in our life video I've posted below a bit more of a regular thing, to sit nicely alongside our travel/adventure memory videos  and my regular Mum chat videos. 

If you'd like to see of a recent day in our lives below or over on my youtube channel. :)

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  1. I LOVE THIS! This is why I love blogging! So many memories captured.

  2. Ah I so need to catch up on Youtube, will hopefully get to watch this later! Its not been your birthday yet has it?! I swear yours was very close to mine! xx

    1. Nope, it's tomorrow! :) Is yours a couple of days after? xx

  3. Yes I absolutely love blogging. Right now I'm going through the phase of just trying to balance it all especially with my recent YouTube channel launch...how do you manage it mama? Such inspiration seeing bloggers juggle it all,especially after a week when I feel like I was failing and trying to balance work and motherhood (and wifehood and blogging) http://www.whiitelist.com/2016/09/9-essential-tips-for-balancing-work-and.html?m=1 this post says it all! Thank you for this post

    1. No you're not failing, you never are! Us Mum's put too much pressure on ourselves, we forget to see everything we are doing daily and getting so right! xx