My little Superhero 'Jet Boy'

Anyone that knows or knows of Ethan knows that he is a totally and utterly obsessed with anything plane-related. Show him a book - he'll find a plane in it. Watch something on the television with him - he'll spot a plane. Take him to the park - he'll be plane spotting. He simply can't get enough of them.

I really do love that he has something that he's really in to - his own little passion. It's the best watching him grow in to his own little person, with his own little interests. I just love watching him explore and discover the world and everything it has in it.

Recently Adam and Ethan put together a bit of an at-home superhero outfit using some cardboard and some other little things we had laying around the house. Ethan decided he wanted to be 'Jet boy' or 'Typhoon boy' (after his current favourite jet). So Adam made him some plane wings out of the cardboard, some paper and some string and we put together a little mask for him. We also put one of his plane t-shirt's on him and a pair of pants over his shorts (because all superheroes wear their pants on the outside!) and there we had it - our little boy turned superhero - Ethan aka Jet Boy.

I'm working with Vertbaudet on this post to help spread the message and the importance of children being able to express themselves in their everyday adventures. They are asking parents to encourage their childrens creativity by asking them to design their very own superhero alter ego costume, using things that are available at home.

They are currently running a competition for this over on their facebook page, which runs until the 12th September. The prize is a family trip worth up to £250 to any UK attraction plus £200 in Vertbaudet vouchers. Which I think when you consider how much fun you can have with your little one/s whilst taking part in this completion, is a pretty awesome prize!

Jet-Boy's superhero power is obviously that he is able to fly. But what would your little one's superpower be? Remember to use the hashtag #VertbaudetHeroes so that Vertbaudet can see your posts. :) 

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  1. Typhoon Boy? Jet Boy? This is just the cutest. It's really sweet that he has such a passion already x x x

    1. Hehe, I love that he has his own little 'thing'. :) xx

  2. Ahhh so cute!!! Tyne would probably just want to be a Ghostbuster, he's obsessed at the moment lol xx

    1. Aww bless him! It's so cute when they're into something isn't it?! x

  3. Awww...lovely outfit you made. He's delighted with himself.
    Funny enough I asked Matthew today what superhero power he wants and he said "I want to smash". Ok then...

  4. So sweet!! My eldest daughter is into horses and my younger one is into anything pink!!
    I'm not a pink girly person...and we don't go horse riding!!
    It is so lovely when they begin to develop there own personalities isn't it?

    Mummy of two little girls aged 4 and 6.

  5. What a great costume! Those pics are so precious. What a cutie :)