Logan's Sleep Routine at 15 Months

Sleep! I always feel like I need more of it! I'm either getting old or it's just totally normal to feel like an undead zombie 24 hours of the day when you're a Mum to a 3 year old and a 1 year old. I'm only 28, so I'm sure it's the latter. There's literally not enough caffeine in the world to keep me running some days! 

Logan's done a lot of night time teething lately. I swear his teeth have this thing about only growing in the tiny hours of the morning - I reckon they must be nocturnal teeth.

15 month old sleep routine

Logan goes down around 7pm every evening. He has a 5oz bottle of milk, his teeth brushed, sometimes a story (we're just trying to get this more in to his bedtime routine now) and then he has his nappy changed and gets into his baby grow or pyjama's (he would usually wear a gro bag/sleeping bag too but it's been a lot warmer lately) and then we lay him in his cot with Rabbit (his favourite teddy) and he settles himself off to sleep. We sometimes put his cot mobile on for him as he seems to like it, but sometimes he doesn't need it and he will just go straight off. It's pretty good that he will go straight off, we had a phase where he wouldn't and that was tough! But luckily we seem to have passed that - for now. 

His night time wake ups start at the very same moment that Adam and I call it a night, turn our lamps off and are just hitting that state of deep sleep. It honestly is like he knows! It can be 10pm, 11pm, 11.30pm, 12am. It's just whenever we are very nearly in the deep stage of sleep! I've no idea how he knows  - but he does!

Depending on his teeth and how much he's napped that day, he may sleep through until usually around 5.30/6/6.30. But a lot of the time recently he will wake up a few more times during the night. Adam does a lot of the getting up as I am such a grouch on a lack of sleep and he seems to handle it a lot better than me. But I do do my fair share too. Usually, Logan will just want his dummy putting back in and a bit of a soothe. I find that singing to him helps, he loves a bit of Adele's Hello (it seems to be his favourite song) and funnily enough it was named as number 2 in a chart that Emma's Diary just published of pop songs that parents sing to their babies instead of lullabies - so there must be something quite soothing about it for babies! 

From the minute the boys wake up, it's go go go and sadly get up time for them is never any later than 6.30am, but Adam and I take it in turns to get up when we can. 

Logan is a morning napper, which is rather unfortunate as his brother is an afternoon napper, although we're just in the middle of phasing Ethan's naps out at the minute as his 3 days at pre-school end in the middle of his normal nap time and just giving Ethan a 1 hour nap makes him so grouchy, plus he wakes up super early on the days that he has had a nap. Logan will usually nap for around an hour and a half in the morning, but sometimes he'll randomly nap the entire morning until lunch. He doesn't seem to need as much sleep as his big brother, but he's still little so things may change! 

And so that is what Logan's sleep routine at 14 and 15 months old looks like. It so could be better - but it SO could be worse!

What does you baby's sleep routine look like? Do you sing lullabies to them or do they have a favourite pop song? If you're struggling with getting your little one to sleep well then take a look at this popular post by Mr.Storkey which lists 9 reasons why your baby might not sleep well in their crib



  1. I wrote about our bed time routine a while ago but with the two kids. It can be tough sometimes. Dermot is very supportive though. He minded them 4 nights in a row just there last week. Chloe is nearly 20 months old. She goes down at 7.30-7.45pm. She'll be asleep by 8.15pm. She goes down with the music of a lullaby. It's a sun you wind up. We lost it but thankfully super dad recorded it on the phone. She wakes anytime between 7 and 8am. At night I could be up either 1 or 2 times or I could be up 7 times. Putting dummy back again.

  2. Ahh he's such a cutie :) I think the whole waking when you go to bed thing is age related somehow, Noah did exactly the same a few months ago when he was the age Logan is now! It felt like it lasted forever at the time and it was exactly the same...he'd wake about ten minutes after we went to bed, no matter what time that was!
    But it's stopped now. He had that awful sleep phase a few weeks ago but thankfully he's back to sleeping well now! SO keep the faith, hopefully Logan will settle down in a couple of months...hang in there mama! ;) xx

  3. Always tricky to survive with broken sleep, one suggestion though is to do a guided meditation for 10 mns which can help restore the mind when it is not possible to get a proper sleep...