Pure Love - With WaterWipes

*This is a paid for advertorial for WaterWipes

I've just sat and watched the new Pure Love video by WaterWipes and now I feel a little bit emotional. 

If you haven't seen it already, Pure Love is a film of an experiment showing the natural power a new mum has to care for her baby. Using infrared filming techniques and equipment to monitor heart rate, breathing and blood oxygen levels, it captures for the first time the baby's biological response to skin to skin contact.

The experiment was conducted by world renowned skin to skin expert Dr Susan Ludington who says that scientifically a Mum's skin on their baby's skin is a potent combination and can do something absolutely amazing for their baby. 

And this doesn't surprise me - our bodies as Mums are pretty amazing, they do amazing things. We spend 9 months growing our babies and then our bodies give birth to our babies and are able to continue to feed them on the outside. 

I remember having skin to skin contact with both of my boys when they were born. I wanted them close to me, I wanted them to feel safe. After all, coming in to the world is a big, scary deal. 

I remember I also asked Adam to take his top off and hold Ethan on his chest after I had given birth to Ethan. It was whilst I was having stitches and I wanted my baby to feel safe with his Daddy. I wanted Ethan to hear his Daddy's heartbeat and feel content and secure in his arms. That first moment of seeing them together, having waited nine months for my Husband to get to meet his little boy, was such a lovely moment - and definitely one that took my mind off of what was happening to me! 

The Pure Love film is so beautiful, the parents that took part in it must be so thrilled to have done so. They will forever have the most beautiful memory and video of such a special time. Those first few weeks with your new baby are so utterly magical. Whenever I look back on my most recent memories of Logan in the hours, days and weeks after he was born I always feel so happy, I have such amazing magical memories.

Watching the film makes me feel a little broody, but then I know all I really want to do is hold my babies against my skin again, keep them warm and safe and hug them tight. I'm lucky in that both of my boys are still quite cuddly - Logan as he is still a young baby (though he's more cuddly when he's tired, not so much during the day - he's far too busy being on the go!) and Ethan in general, he's quite an affectionate little boy and loves a good cuddle from his Mummy. 

Make sure you make time to watch this beautiful film, you won't regret it. 

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