Mummy-money-saving tips!

Ah, our little ones do like to spend our money don't they?! Ethan, bless him, has started wandering off in shops with his Daddy and returning with the most random thing he could possibly find in the entire shop telling me 'Mummy, we go pay!?'.. 

...Ermmm, no. 

But then there are those times where he looks up at me with those big blue wide eyes and well, I get a little overcome with the cuteness and somehow find myself up at the till doing exactly that - paying. 

So how do we as Mummy's treat our little ones occasionally without going overboard and upsetting the bank balance?! These are 3 of my favourite Mummy-money-saving tips! 

1. Charity shops. 

I'll admit we haven't been in a while, but I use to frequently visit our local charity shop and we picked up some amazing little finds in there! Mini toy planes and helicopters (which would always make my plane-mad little boy's day) and also some fantastic books that were like 1/20th of the price you'd buy it new for. There really are some great finds to be found in a charity shop when it comes to treating your little one/s!

2. Days out vouchers. 

I've always said how much of a fan I am of the Tesco Clubcard scheme - Adam and I spend a lot of our vouchers on eating out having converted the vouchers online for restaurant tokens. But we also like to do the same for days out tokens too - Whipsnade Zoo is a favourite of ours. You can get Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington and loads of great attractions and days out like those for the kids. So if you shop at Tesco and get Clubcard points, spend your points wisely. :) 

3. Shop online. 

I'm sure things are always cheaper online. Adam and I are often those annoying people in the store going online using our phones to compare the price of a product to what it is in store and then asking for a price-match. (You don't ask you don't get!). Not only are things typically cheaper, but you can also use voucher codes and discount codes to find even better deals using voucher code websites (click here to see what I mean), which makes shopping online that much cheaper. 

So those are my top 3 best mummy-money-saving tips. What are yours?

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