How Lucky they are

I've never really had any grandparents. Not ones that I was close to anyway. So for me, it's amazing to see the relationship Ethan and Logan have with theirs. They has two sets of Grandparents and they both love them dearly. And I often think how lucky they are.

How lucky it is to be loved not only by your Mum and Dad, but your grandparents too - two sets. How amazing to be able to create memories together, capture photos and videos together and share stories and interests. How lucky to effectively have a second home - somewhere you feel comfortable and at ease. Somewhere that is familiar. 

I'm grateful to mine and Adam's parents for always being there for the boys. For caring as much as they do and for going out of their way. I'll raise my boys to value that relationship, to cherish it and feel thankful. Because being family doesn't always mean being there for one another and caring about each other, something I know too well.

Not everyone gets as lucky with their families and the relationships they have and I want my boys to understand that and to fully appreciate how important it is to make time for the people who make time for you and never take them for granted. 

I couldn't not share this photo from the weekend here on my blog. It was taken by Adam's Mum (the boys Grandma) and it's of Ethan and his Grandpop at the Air Tattoo airshow. It's a special photo (not only because they're both wearing pretty much matching hats) but because it was Ethan's Grandpop that sparked Ethan's obsession with planes in the first place. As a little boy, Adam's Dad was hugely into planes and now he gets to take his three year old Grandson who is just as in to planes as he was, to airshows and that must feel pretty special - for them both.

Family and family relationships should be cherished and moments together should be treasured. I will always remind my boys just how very lucky they are. 

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  1. Lovely photo. Ethan loves his planes doesn't he? :) Unfortunately my kids aren't as close to their grandparents. If my mum would be still with us, I'd say they would have had the greatest bond. I did with my grandparents who were my mums parents. xx