The Sibling Project - Brothers in July | 2016

The best thing about how the boys are getting on this month is that suddenly they're really starting to notice each other and play with each other much more than they ever have. And as their Mum - it's amazing. 

It's like my boys are right at the start of their journey as siblings together. I mean, it started as soon as I had Logan, of course it did. It was amazing to watch how protective Ethan was over his baby brother. But now I'm seeing them as two little boys. I mean, I know Logan is still a baby, but all of a sudden he seems a little more grown up.

Now that Logan's a year old, his personality is shining through more and more and his playful side is too. Suddenly I feel like I can match the boys together with their clothing and I can finally drop some of the mum-guilt I've felt since Logan was born. I no longer have to split myself as much, now that we can mostly all play together. Their interests are becoming more and more similar and for me as their Mum, things are become a little more easier in the sense of the juggle. 

This month I'm not just sharing one photo of my boys, because that just wouldn't capture their month together correctly. This month, they've shared many amazing moments together, they've become more than just little brothers, they've become almost the very best of friends and whilst I don't have a photo for every moment that I hold close to my heart and smile about when I think of, I do have these precious few. Photos that when I look at mean more to me than just a photograph, they remind me of moments, moments that as a Mum of more than one child you look forward to for such a long time.

My boys together on Logan's 1st birthday waiting to go to Peppa Pig World.. that look though! :)

First time brushing their teeth together. Ethan was excited to show his brother just how it was done, though Logan was a natural!

Playing together on Ethan's bed just before bedtime. I couldn't resist the adorable matching pyjama's! As soon as they come out of the wash, it's the first thing I'll put the boys in for bedtime! I love how Ethan is totally cool with Logan cuddling up to his favourite cuddly - Doggy, too! 

Building a den together. 

 First time both on their 'bikes' to the park. I can't even handle the cuteness of Ethan's helmet! ;)

You know that feeling when you can't quite believe that your little people are yours?! THAT. :)

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  1. Lots of lovely photos. Their relationship seems to grow even stronger as soon as the youngest one can start doing things with the older one. I definitely found that with my two.

    1. Thanks Laura. Yeah I'm definitely noticing that too! xx

  2. Oh Alex your boys! I'm sure they get more adorable every month. Seeing Logan grow up and become more like his brother is lovely to watch. Those PJ's are too cute x #TheSiblingsProject

  3. Your boys are simply adorable! Such beautiful smiles. They look like they are going to be thick as thieves as they grow up! P.S. twinning is winning! x

  4. Your boys are so adorable!! the matching outfits are so cute! xx

  5. AHHH Alex they are so adorable in their matching outfits. I love matching.... hardly with boy/girl but still love it. They are always so smiling and so happy together. True brother love forming and bonding here for sure. Can't beat the fun and good times ahead they will share together. #siblingsproject

  6. Isn't it amazing when the youngest child gets old enough to start playing and interacting with the older sibling? Your two boys looks absolutely adorable. You can tell that they are going to be such amazing close friends as they get older and their bond will get stronger and stronger. And I did a little squeal when I saw how cute Ethan looked in his bike helmet - getting so grown up!!!

  7. Adorable. I see you are getting into the habit of buying them matched clothes since granny bought them the matching tops :) #thesiblingsproject