Those Early Days

A huge part of the reason that I write this blog is to have a way to instantly access my own personal diary entries and records of memories of days that have gone by. I started this blog back in 2013 as a way to capture my life at the time. I'd just married my childhood sweetheart and we had found out that we were expecting our first baby. It felt like the best feeling in the world and whilst I would always remember it, I wanted to capture the details and my feelings at that time. 

I've been writing ever since and now as a Mum of two, I also make videos too and whilst I now do this professionally as well as out of passion, my blog and my videos will always primarily be about capturing the moments and the feelings, especially as my boys are so young. Because the thing is is that they do grow so quickly don't they?! My boys are still very young, Ethan's only 3 years old and Logan is nearly 1, so they are still so little. But even so, those newborn days, those baby days, they fly by almost in an instance.

I was recently contacted by Comfort in regards to the new Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated. They explained that they are currently running a campaign with the focus message being 'Every drop is a tiny dose of love' and they asked me if I would like to share my experience of the special things I did for my children when they were newborn and tiny, like ensuring their tiny clothes were perfect. This is a campaign I really feel like I can get behind as right now as whilst my boys are still so young, I'm very aware of how fast that newborn stage has come and gone. 

And it is the little things that we do for them when they are tiny that feel really special when you look back on those very early days with your newborn. It's preparing all of their tiny newborn clothes, making sure they are ultra clean, super soft and smelling fresh. It's a magical time when you're expecting and you sit there looking at all of these tiny clothes imagining what you're baby is going to look like in them. And then there are the size 1 nappies, which when you compare to a toddlers nappy, are insanely tiny, but yet ridiculously adorable. 

If you're in a position where you have been able to decorate a nursery for your little one, there's so much magic in 'checking in' on their room, making sure that everything is in it's place and in you just actually being in there spending time in your childs bedroom. I remember when Ethan was born, though he slept in his crib next to us in our room, we used to just hang out in his nursery during the day sometimes. I felt so proud of his little room. Our house felt more warm and whole knowing that I had a room for my baby - a place for all of his things, things I used to neatly arrange and then rearrange time and time again.

Looking back everything is so magical, especially during those early newborn days. But then if I think about it I know that right now feels magical too and there will be a time when I look back on this with the same special feeling in my heart and same smile on my face. Babies and children may change quickly but the love you have for them never does, that's always a constant.

Please do share some of the special things you did for your child/children when they were newborn and tiny if you'd like to. 

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  1. Towards the end of pregnancy with Alice, washing and ironing all her tiny clothes ready for when she arrived. Then loving taking them to her nursery and hanging them in the wardrobe and placing them in the draws. Not really believing that one day soon we would be bringing her home and every day I would loving dress her in them, one of favourite things to do. x

    1. Ahh this made me smile! It's such a magical, wonderful time when you're waiting for them to arrive. It's such excitement. xx