The End Of The First Year | Logan 12 Months

I remember going overdue with you Logan and I remember it like it was yesterday. 

Your Daddy and I waiting and waiting for what felt like a lifetime. We were so ready to meet you and have you in our lives. 

It's been a year but it feels like only yesterday that I sat down to write your pregnancy posts week after week. It feels like a few months ago that I wrote this post - a letter to you my darling boy less than 48 hours into your life. 

We've done so much in your first year.. we've been on three holidays including Walt Disney World. We've changed our home in that we've added a fourth bedroom and another bathroom. We've watched you and your brother hit milestones - your latest is standing and your brother has gone from saying not a word, to being a total and utter chatterbox.

Your Daddy and I have done our best to make sure we juggle both you and Ethan as equally as we can. We've learnt how to be parents to two children rather than just one. 

Our family grew when you came into our life and made our family a family of four. Our hearts have grown too. We love you and your brother so very much and we love nothing more than to see you both smiling and laughing. 

When you and Ethan make each other laugh, it's pretty much the best feeling in the world. Two little people that we've created sharing a bond - it doesn't get better than that. 

So Logan at 12 months, what are you like? Well, you've got four little teeth at the moment - your front ones. You pull yourself up to stand. You're a Baby TV addict. You love your food, but seem to be getting fussy. You sleep through the night and nap twice a day. You love Baby Sensory and being sung too. You LOVE the bath. You push things away or throw them when you're angry or no longer want something. You're a bit clumsy. You sleep with Rabbit and a dummy. Rabbit is your grey rabbit teddy that Ethan gave you when you were born, you've slept with him pretty much every night since. You have three bottles of milk a day.  You've had chicken pox already. You have your own room and we're decorating it in a blue star theme. You look like your Daddy. You're cheeky. You have the loveliest smile and laugh. You mostly say 'Da da' and you scream very loud whilst waiting for lunch or dinner to be served. 

I'm so excited to celebrate your birthday with you tomorrow my little sweetheart. Your very first birthday! I'm so happy for you and I can't wait for your party and to sing happy birthday to you, although just thinking about it makes me want to cry a little bit. (All happy tears, I'm just proud and emotional). 

I hope you have the most wonderful day and equally an as amazing second year of life. All my love forever and ever, Mummy. xxxxx

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