Maxi Cosi RodiFix AirProtect Car Seat Review

Car seats and me had never really got on. Having a chronic back condition always made getting the boys in and out of their car seats a bit of a nightmare. 

But now that Ethan is three, he's moved up in the world of car seats and going out in the car has got so much easier! For my car we use the Maxi Cosi RodiFix AirProtect. It's a really lovely looking modern car seat that we have in the colour 'black raven' which looks great in my car. It's a forward facing group 2 and 3 car seat that has IsoFix connectors and it's suitable for children who weigh 15-36kg. 

Putting it in to the car, it's very easy to install - the isoFix just clips straight in and then it uses the seatbelt to strap your little one in - which for me, makes life so much easier! Ethan just climbs in himself and sits waiting for me to clip him in. The belt guide helps to make buckling Ethan in really simple. You do have to lean in the car and over your little one to put the buckle in, but that's the same with any of these types of car seats. 

I love that Ethan looks so comfortable when he's in it, he seems to have so much room and space and can easily fall asleep in the car, there is even a recline position! The headrest features AirProect side impact protection, which reduces the risk of head injury should there be a car accident. I think when choosing a car seat for your little one, it's features like this that parents are really looking for as safety is always the most important aspect when it comes to choosing car seats. 

Our RodiFix will grow with Ethan, there's height and weight adjustments on it and the cover is easily removable and washable too which is great as he tends to like a snack or two when we're travelling. It's also nice and lightweight for when we need to take it in and out of the car, which makes things easier! 

I'm a big fan of this car seat and so glad that we have it for Ethan. We get so much use out of it and I know that we will continue to do so. If you're interested in reading up a bit more on this particular car seat you can find more information about it over on Maxi Cosi's website.. http://www.maxi-cosi.co.uk/gb-en/car-seats/rodifix-airprotect.aspx.

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  1. Thanks for the review Alex! I have not been satisfied with the current car seat i am using for my son..It makes him really uncomfortable...Really looking forward to trying this seat..

  2. I can't believe how grown up Ethan looks. Looks a great seat and I always look for ones with Isofix. X

  3. Wow..Nice car seat cover and I like the colors.