How We Announced Our Pregnancies

Telling people that you're pregnant has got to be one of the most exciting things no matter how you choose to do it. For us, we decided to announce our first pregnancy (Ethan) on our wedding day just after the speeches. Our parents and siblings already knew, but it was a big surprise for everyone else there!

We'd found out that I was pregnant with our first baby just a few weeks before our big day, so we were quite early in to the pregnancy and despite it being a bit of a risk, we decided that we'd never get the opportunity to announce that we were having a baby on our wedding day ever again. Pus I knew that if anything did happen with the baby I would rather people were aware anyway. So we went for it and of course, I'm so glad we did. It was a perfect way to announce our news.

When I fell pregnant for a second time with Logan, I kept the news to myself all day as my Husband Adam was working. 

That night I took him to his favourite restaurant and gave him a card saying how proud I was of him just having gone part time at work so that he could focus on his own business. At the very bottom of the card was a post it note folded up and stuck on, inside it read, ' You're going to be a Daddy again!'. 

I captured the whole thing on video using my phone and I'm so glad we will always be able to look back on that moment - the look of surprise and then pure happiness on his face is something I want to remember always. 

We kept the news between ourselves for a few more weeks, before I accidentally slipped up and told Adam's family. The very next morning I woke to a text from my Mum which read 'Omg, are you pregnant?!'. I assumed Adams parents had told her, despite the fact that they had promised not to tell anybody. 

But they hadn't. She had dreamt it. 

It was slightly spooky and to this day I still don't really know how she could have such a strong intuition about it. I wrote this blog post about it here. 

She's definitely connected to Logan in that way - she had a hospital appointment the day I went in to labour with him and afterwards she thought she'd check on me to see if I was OK. She turned up at my room just in time to help me through the last few minutes of labour and then see him being


In terms of announcing Logan's pregnancy here on my blog, I took the below photos of Ethan holding his siblings scan just before christmas, which we then shared online.

I love the way we announced Logan's gender online too! 

How did you announce your pregnancy/pregnancies? George at Asda recently shared a look at the way some other Mummy bloggers chose to announce their pregnancies, you can find the lovely article here

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  1. I wish he had done a creative pregnancy announcement, we told our family a week after finding out as my pregnancy was high risk and also because we couldn't keep it a secret.

  2. Awww both moments are so lovely! I think we told our families quite early on too. It's so hard to keep it to yourself!

  3. I love this! Sadly for us it was all a bit tainted after losing our first two pregnancies. When I was pregnant with Noah we did a really cute picture and I announced it on FB at 16 weeks. I told Jay the second he got in the car at the train station after work by just handing him the pregnancy test! If there's a next time I hope to have more fun with it xx

  4. How lovely to announce your first pregnancy on your wedding day, and I also love that you took your husband out for a meal for your second pregnancy. My first pregnancy I found out when my husband was out playing football. He arrived home to find me sat on the stairs with a pregnancy stick in my hand. We had been married for exactly 6 months, and our son arrived 9 months and 1 day after (I was very early when I found out). Both of my children were born into the non social media world, and I often think how I would have announced it on twitter/facebook/blog x

  5. This is so lovely, Alex. We told my mum first when we first knew (and she burst into tears). Then after I kind of announced it at a family meal where my sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles were gathered. I burst into tears too....I was so happy !!