A Monthly Update: Logan 11 Months Old

My little Logan, 

You are now 11 months and very nearly a year. It's been such a big year for us, but having you here in our lives has absolutely been the best thing. You and your brother mean so much to your Daddy and I and we hope every single day that we make you both happy. 

It was at 10 months when you really started to change from a young newborn baby to what you're like at the moment. You suddenly started crawling and your teeth started popping through, which though has made you more grouchy, reminds us everyday that time isn't slowing done anytime soon. 

You are really inquisitive and cheeky. You love to laugh and to make people laugh. You love your food, you eat weetabix for breakfast, for lunch you like things like hummus in a wholemeal bread thin and for dinner your favourite is probably pasta like your brother! You aren't fussy when it comes to food, but you're going off of purees, which is totally fair enough, I wouldn't want to eat them either! You eat lots of fruit and vegetable, you like bananas, pear and apple. You love the little baby rice cakes too - you always take two when Mummy offers you one - you cheeky monkey!

You're not as cuddly anymore, but that's because you want to be on the floor on the go. You're favourite place to be is outside, you love the different environments that being outside offers. As much as we love our home, we're all like that as a family, so that's where you get it from. 

You're a TV head just like your Daddy. You love Peppa Pig and Baby TV. You also LOVE the bath, it's when you're at your cheekiest - you splash about and jump on you brother, you literally go a little mad when you're in the bath! 

You are just starting to show signs that you're going to be pulling yourself up - you sit up on your knees and us your hands to sort of pull up a little. It won't be long until your standing against things. With your crawling, your great at it now - you sometimes try and make a little escape for the front door to play with the cat flap and to let us know you want to go outside. You can crawl properly now instead of just army crawling, but sometimes you get a little lazy and go from crawling in to an army crawl. 

You don't seem to like sleep as much as your brother, but you sleep through the night and so we can't really complain. You wake up around 5.30am, which is a little painful for your Mummy and Daddy who are used to Ethan who's always slept through, has a long lay in and even a long afternoon nap. Your naps are shorter, but you generally have two per day - half an hour or so in the morning around 9am and then another around 2pm for an hour or so. 

Logan, I love you so much and I am so excited for your first birthday, even though it doesn't quite yet feel real as I'm sure I only just had you! I hope you have had an amazing first 11 months of life! <3 

All my love now and forever, 

Mummy. xxxxx

And here's a little video I made about Logan and how I feel as a Mum as Logan approaches his first birthday:

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  1. Some really beautiful shots here of Logan! I can't believe he's almost one! Henry is now nine months and I'm just shocked at just how quickly time has gone. It goes so much quicker with your second I'm sure!! Xxx

    1. Thank you! It definitely feels like it does go a lot quicker with the second, I guess because we're more busy as parents juggling two. xx

  2. Ahhh bless him, he's adorable!! Such a cheeky little smile! I can't believe he's almost 1..insane!
    These next 3-4 months are when the biggest changes happen I think - Noah at 11 months was only just crawling and stuff, but now 4 months on he's pretty much walking and on a constant mission to climb the stairs (and has succeeded before!). Its funny how they suddenly seem to go from baby to big boy over the coming months! xx

    1. Ahh! Noah has just changed so much lately hasn't he? You can really see from your blog photos. He's so so adorable though! They go through so many milestones in the first year. xx