Logan | 10 Months Old

I can't believe that my little newborn, who is no longer my little newborn, is now ten months old!! He's really changed this past month too - he's much bigger as in taller and so so much cheekier too!

He's one determined little boy - when he wants something, he really wants it! And if he can't get it, well then he just cries and Mummy or Daddy usually gets it for him! Because he's at that age where he can't quite crawl (he sort of slides around the living room and also has recently learnt to reverse), but really wants to be active and be able to get about places. He'll spot one of his brothers toy cars (which he is obsessed with at the moment) across the room and if sliding doesn't get him there, he'll try extending his arm and hand as far as he possibly can and then if that doesn't work then it all comes down to crying very loudly until he's given it. We went through this same stage with Ethan - Adam and I call it the frustration stage!

Logan currently has chicken pox, he caught them from his brother and honestly, it's just horrendous. Ethan didn't have them too bad, but Logan is really suffering with them. He is also teething and cutting his first tooth, he's having a bit of a bad time with it all as it's all come at once for him.

As far as food is concerned, Logan is the total opposite to his brother in that he loves his food and that he loves ALL food. There's not much that he won't eat and now that he's 10 months he's eating chunkier things and also getting to enjoy our favourite sorts of meals, like pasta! Logan has three bottles a day, one at 6am (which is when he wakes up on the dot everyday!), one at 2pm and one just before bed at 7pm.

Logan's definitely a cheeky little man, he knows how to make people laugh which in turn makes himself laugh. One way he does this is by waiting to blow a raspberry just as a spoonful of his lunch or dinner goes in to his mouth! He has this thing with eyeballs at the minute too - he likes to pull on peoples eyes and their noses and he has started pulling on my hair too!

Logan loves his brothers things, especially his cars and his Duplo. He'll sit there for ages just rummaging through Ethan's Duplo, pulling it all out brick by brick and scattering it all over the living room floor. He seems to have this thing with balloons too - he gets a little obsessed with them and tries to eat them, if it slips out of his hands, he'll instantly start crying!

Logan's a good sleeper, he sleeps through the night. He still has to have Rabbit (his Jellycat bunny) by his side as he snuggles his face right up to him and also a dummy. Logan loves the bath too - I want to be able to take him swimming more, but we've been so crazy busy lately with the conversion going on and being ill that it just hasn't happened. I am hoping to maybe start him with lessons from September or just after - I know he'll love it!

And so thats my little Logan update as he turns ten months old! I can't believe it's been ten months already and that soon he'll be one!

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  1. Aww bless him! How fast has that gone?! I swear you've only just had him?!!

    Poor little guy, I hope he feels better soon :(

    10 months is when they really do start to seem so grown up all of a sudden! I remember thinking it with Noah but I wasn't sure if it was coz Sailor was born when Noah turned 10 months and so that suddenly made him bigger...but since you're saying it too it must just be a 10 month thing! xx

    1. It's definitely got to be a 10 month thing - I can't believe the changes in Logan! It's like he's a little boy now rather than a baby! x

  2. I've never noticed how much Logan looks like you before, such a beautiful boy! I love that he snuggles his bunny to sleep xx

  3. Those sleeping pictures are adorable! He sounds like loads of fun. I love how determined they are at this age and that they know exactly what they want! :)