An Interview With My Three Year Old

It's funny because I remember so well being worried about Ethan's speech (or lack of it) for what felt like a long time. I knew deep down that he would talk when he was ready, but of course, as is natural to any parent - I worried. Be it needlessly. 

Because now he is an absolute chatterbox, he really is. He's rarely quiet and if he is, he's probably doing something he shouldn't be. His words and his sentences still amaze me. Here I am, with a child that talks to me. That calls me Mummy and even tells me that he loves me (or lubs me). 

People have told me to record Ethan's speech, they've told me that they personally miss their own little ones baby talk and the way they call different things different names.

For Ethan that's buns which he calls 'bums' - which is pretty funny when he's telling me he wants one.  And also toothpaste, which in Ethan talk is 'pooface'! Apparently as a child myself I used to call hot air balloons 'honeymoons'. 

And so whilst this stage is still so new, whilst he's still learning new words and how to put them all together, I filmed an interview with Ethan. 20 questions which I found on the Internet after searching 'interview with my 3 year old'. 20 questions and a moment in time frozen forever for us to look back on when Ethan's much older than he is now. Oh how I would love to watch something like that back myself.. I wonder what I was like as a three year old?!

There's a theme to Ethan's answer and unsurprisingly the theme is aeroplanes. He is plane mad and that's certainly something that shows. If you fancy a little watch you can find our video below. 

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  1. I absolutely loved watching Ethan's interview. Its totally understandable to worry about a childs milestones and I remember you talking about a possible speech delay- but his speech is fantastic! What a chatterbox. Im really tempted to film questions with F now- so lovely to capture their talking especially as they change so quickly. Watch this space xx

  2. I watched this with Alice who is 3 and she wants to be on camera too ha ha! Ethan is so adorable and his speech was great, nothing to worry about there lovely x