How We Celebrated Ethan's Third Birthday

Honestly for me, there's no magic quite like the magic of celebrating a birthday with your baby. 

I'd been so excited for Ethan's third birthday - far more excited than I've ever actually been for any of my own previous birthdays. I think it was because I knew he would understand it all this year and because I knew how excited he'd be for all of his little surprises. There really isn't much better in the world than seeing your child happy and that's what birthdays are all about aren't they? 

This year was the first birthday that Ethan had a sibling to celebrate his birthday with. 

I love the pure birthday-joy on Ethan's face here. 


It's been three years since I became a Mum (unless you count the nine months I was pregnant for also). Despite the challenging days, I couldn't feel anymore content with life and being a Mummy. 

 Ethan's presents from us.

This year was all about the airplanes for my little 3-year-old. He received a few little planes, including a vulcan from his Grandparents which he carried around with him the entire day and showed everybody.

My boys. 

Holding his Vulcan (his favourite present) from his Grandparents. 

We spent a lot of our day at Woburn Safari Park with Ethans grandparents, Uncle and his girlfriend,  and Ethan's Auntie.

 It's not an easy task getting a photo with this little one, but I'm glad we have this one for his third birthday.

Having fun at Woburn Safari Park.

This little peacock was so bold (and beautiful).

Logan weraring Auntie Ellie's glasses!

My beautiful smallest baby.

At Woburn Safari Park with my birthday-boy.

A gorgeous Falcon.

Seeing the penguins.

Time for an ice-lolly. It was a really lovely day weather-wise.

Having some soft-play fun!

I'm not sure who enjoyed the slides more?

Daddy with the birthday-boy.

Feeding the birds.

I love this photo of Ethan.

 He told me he loved feeding the birds, but was a 'bit scared'.

Grandma with her bird-friend. 

One of all of us. <3 

Later in the day we were joined by Ethan's Nanna, Grandad and his two other Uncles (my brothers). Uncle Mark and his girlfriend bought him his own lightsaber. 

Birthday-cake time. The cake was a surprise for all of us as we hadn't seen it. It was made by Ethan's Grandma, she wanted to make him an airplane themed cake and we think she done an amazing job!

Ethan blowing out his candles - he knew exactly what to do and even sang 'Happy Birthday' to himself. He sings 'Happy Birthday today', rather than 'to you', which makes me laugh.

We had such a magical day celebrating. I really couldn't have wished for anything more for him. I'm so proud of my little boy - he and his brother make me feel like the proudest Mummy alive. 

I made this little video of Ethan's birthday if you'd like to have a watch.. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Hayley - it was a really nice day! x

  2. Looks like Ethan had such a fab birthday.I'll have to take Blake to Woburn safari park soon.

    1. Thank you, he did. We had a great day. It's really nice there - lots and lots to do. x