Brothers | April 2016

Dear boys,

Look at you looking all grown-up. Not grown up as in old - just bigger. 

Ethan you're about to turn three years old. Mummy is mostly trying to work out to how process how she has a three year old already, as is Daddy. 

And Logan you're such a dude with your new little personality. Gone is that quiet little still baby - you're on your way to really becoming who you are now and Mummy is proud watching you grow in to the little boy you'll go on to become, as is Daddy. 

You boys are full of energy, you're full of life and Ethan you're always on the go, just as your brother is about to be. Watching you often makes me tired, how I wish I had the energy to keep up with you all day everyday. But Mummy tries her best. I expect I'm going to need to up my game (a lot) when you boys want to play spots together like football etc when you're older. 

There aren't any words to describe my pride when I think or talk about you two. Having children makes life speed up, it really does and whilst I try to suck up every single moment I can with you my head can rarely keep up. So I write this little blog here and I snap away as much as I can. I love making these videos of us each month - they're therapeutic to me, they help me slow down time a little by letting me re-watch the details that go in to the moments that make me happiest over and over again. 

Boys I love you with all of my heart, carry on always being you and growing close. I love nothing more than seeing you both together, interacting with and working each out. 

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  1. Oh Alex these photos are gorgeous, Logan's big blue eyes and Ethan's smile. I found Alice turning three last year hard to get my head around, it felt and still feels so old. X

  2. Gorgeous photos and Logans eyes are beautiful x

  3. Such lovely photos, Alex. So sweet!.