A Sunday Stroll

Before the clock even ticked past 9am this morning I had a metal plane dropped on my face by Ethan whilst I was in bed leaving me with a fat lip and I also had a whopper of a head-butt from by my 9 month old, who I now believe has an armour plated head. Both incidents were accidents, though both hurt like hell. 

Days like today when Adam's not here and I'm on my own are usually quite tough. Having two little ones of the ages mine are, on your own is no easy task - I have so much respect for the Mummies and Daddies who look after more than one young child on their own all week whilst their partners are working. I feel so grateful that Adam and I can both mostly work from home and be here to support each other. 

Ethan's pushing the boundaries a lot more lately. He's an absolute sweetheart and a lovely little boy, but like most nearly 3 year old's he's insistent on trying to get what he wants and of course he likes to see how much he can get away with. Tipping his breakfast bowl upside down and spitting out every bite of his lunch are just two of the many things that Ethan has tested on me today. 

Adam and I swear that things feel easier when we're out of the house rather than at home. I guess the endless amount of things that need doing have to vanish from your mind for a while when you leave the house. 

I love the Summer because getting out in to the garden provides a change of environment and a breath of fresh air. We also spend a great deal of time at our local children's park, we'll even sometimes take a little picnic and have lunch out. We've missed doing things like that whilst we've been going through Winter, but now that Spring is here we're slowly getting back into our park visits. 

The sun was out today but the wind was cold, so we put our coats on to keep us warm and Ethan, Logan and I went for a little Sunday stroll. I got chatting to another Mum whilst we pushed our little ones on the swings and it was nice to have someone else there to talk to. We chatted about loft conversions and Ethan played with her little girl for a while before they left. We weren't out long as our hands got quite cold, but we were out long enough to grab some fresh air and burn some energy. As I watched Ethan run around the park, I imagined Logan playing next to him when he's older. I imagined how lovely it will be for them to always have each other and I imagined how they'll do so much growing up together in that park over the years. 

I'm excited for the future, I can't wait to see them playing together properly, but I want to make more of an effort to appreciate the now. It might be tough having both a baby and toddler, my head might always be in a bit of a spin with it all but when I take a step back I realise I'm doing OK. Our days might not always be smooth or easy, but we smile and we laugh everyday and at the end of the day that's really all that matters. 

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Hooray for spring, life is definitely easier when you can get out and about. I have the same age gap as you, but I'm a bit ahead of you and it does get easier, as they start to play together. I also woke with a metal car being launched at my head!!! X

  2. These are such beautiful photos Alex. My youngest is pushing our buttons recently and thinks she can get away with it! Really does push our buttons!Looks like a wonderful day out.

  3. So many gorgeous photos. I'm not a fan of Winter at all. I love the couple of weeks when Christmas and New Year fall but once they are over with, I'm ready for the better weather. I love getting out with the kids and it really does help them burn off some energy and chill out a bit.

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos and your boys are just so handsome- you must be so proud of them. It definitely is tough having a baby and a toddler, while trying to work from home, keep on top of the house etc. I really have so much respect for people whose partners work away during the week or the single mums. It is a hard hard job. But when you look at these gorgeous faces your realise it is all completely worth it. x