A Little boy and His Planes

My little boys airplane obsession all started last year following a day out at an airshow with Grandparents. As typical English weather goes it rained most of the day, but that didn't deter my little boy who watched the entire show with sheer excitement in his eyes. And it was in this moment that his first passion was born - airplanes. 

His Grandpop picked him up a little die cast red arrow from that airshow, at the time I wasn't sure about him having a metal 'toy' but he was in love and there was no-one alive who was going to take it from him and he has carried that little red airplane around with him pretty much ever since. It goes most places with him - in the bath, to the shops, even to bed. 

His passion for planes has grown stronger and he often asks to watch airshow videos on my phone or on the television. He can sit for hours flicking through plane magazines though they are intended for an audience much older than he is. He studies each page, concentrating on each image and can recall the names of the different vintage aircrafts. 

For his birthday, his heart is set on a Vulcan. He likes Spitfires too, but the Vulcan tops the list. If you ask him what he loves most out of anything at all or cake, it's always cake. Of course, it is, he's three years old, it's always going to be cake. But when you ask him which he loves most out of cake or airplanes - it's the planes. And that from a three year old, has got to be passion. 

When we told Ethan that we were going to be going to Disney World back in February, the excitement of getting to go in a real life plane up in the real life sky was huge for him. The night before we flew I checked on him before I went to bed and there he was, fast asleep clutching his planes clearly having fallen asleep with the excitement of his plane adventure in the forefront of his mind. 

My plane-loving little boy turned three on Sunday and he was thrilled with the new additions to his plane collection as well as a new 'big book of aeroplanes' to add to his reading material. I love watching him play with his planes, I love seeing how he uses his imagination. I wonder if with this amount of passion, he'll one day want to fly an airplane himself, maybe even go on to be a pilot. Who knows exactly where his passion for planes will take him. For now, I'll just keep watching my little boy explore his imagination whilst he builds on his little plane collection. 

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  1. That is the cutest! Definitely a big love to choose over cake. x #theordinarymoments

    1. Hehe absolutely! I love that he has a little thing that he's really in to! xx

  2. How cute, Blake at 16 months is loving trains at the moment.

    1. It's so nice when they find something that they get really in to isn't it?! xx