Am I really thinking about 1st Birthdays already?

Logan is eight and half months old and whilst that in my head makes sense, I mean I feel like he's been here for far longer as it sort of feels like he's always been here. What doesn't make sense is how close his first birthday seems. It's three and half months off, but weeks are flying for us and actually so are months. We've just had a call to say that our loft conversion starts at the end of this week or next (whoo) and obviously we're totally excited but I'm kind of nervous about how stressful it might be all about to get and how pre-occupied our minds are going to be. So I'm trying to prepare where I can. 

We have Ethans third birthday next month and I can't believe that we'll then have a three year old. Little old me.. with a three year old Son! Luckily, I'm nice and prepared, well, or at least semi-prepared for Ethans birthday. We've made a list of presents that we'd like to get him and we've talked about and come up with some ideas of where to take him. I feel like as he gets older, buying for him and taking him out has become easier. He's got his own little interests and so we tend to go by them. 

For Logan it's a bit harder. I think especially so as he's our second little boy as he plays with and wears his big brothers old things. It's nice that we get to have more use out of the things we brought Ethan that he's now grown out of, but it leaves us with Logan not actually needing that much new. And that's okay - we don't want to go overboard for his first birthday anyway, we'd just like have a few little things to give him. I've tried to come up with a few ideas using a website that was suggested to me called lovethesales.com. It's been quite good as I was able to sort their toys section by age. It then recommended lots of great cheaper than normal ideas from websites like the early learning centre etc. I've made this little gift ideas board as an example of some of the present ideas that I found.  

Links to toys/books shown

It's mad to me that I'm even talking about 1st birthdays again, it just feels so soon and I remember Ethans first birthday so well. These little boys are growing up everyday and always getting closer and closer to their next milestones. I think it's about just taking it all in, each little moment, big or small, one bit at a time. 

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  1. Wow I can't believe he will be one soon, that has flown over! My little boy is one and has that ELC train set, he loves it xx

  2. Our babies are about the same age. I totally don't want my little girl to turn one...it's going too fast!

  3. Blake has the happy land train set I'd definitely reccomend it my mum got him it when it was on sale and the extension pack too.