The Ordinary Moments #6 - Always Time For Fun

Life's a bit hectic at the moment.. in a good way, there isn't anything that's really worth complaining about.. well, apart from what sometimes feels like an endless amount of nappy changes at the moment! That, I think I can complain about!

But no, life's really good at the moment. We have such exciting plans and they're sort of all starting to happen right in front of our eyes now. We've had a surreal week, but again - in a good way. But even a good surreal can leave your head in a spin with excitement and nerves. 

I don't think we're ever not busy, but lately we've been madly busy. I think just being a parent to a two year old and a 7 month old is enough 'busy', but then when you add everything else in to the mix, you find a whole new sort of busy and a speed inside you that you never knew you had, which ultimately exhausts you. 

But we're happy, we're really happy, just busy. I think most parents with young children can probably relate to that sort of feeling in their own way? 

Over the past week or so, I've struggled for time to sit and blog. There's so much more that goes in to blogging than just writing a blog post - I can imagine any fellow bloggers sitting there reading this and nodding their heads. But if you're a non-blogger reading this, then yeah there really is a lot more that goes in to writing and managing a blog behind the scenes. I've struggled for time with it over this past week and there have been times that even when I could find time, I've been in too much pain with my back to concentrate let alone sit and write. But you do what you can, don't you? Us humans only have one pair of hands. 

Lately I've been extra enjoying moments with the boys which totally distract me from any to-do lists. Today we finished watching The Lion King through our Disney Life subscription. We'd started watching it yesterday, but hadn't got around to finishing it until this morning. It amazes me how captivating Disney films still are. As a child they were utterly magical and I still feel the very same as an adult. They offer escapism and just pure joy throughout the entire film and even afterwards - I'm still sitting here thinking of how good a film The Lion King is! 

Afterwards we built Ethans tent up and got his tunnel out of the cupboard. Our living room has basically turned in to a soft play centre for the day. There are toys everywhere and a huge tent and an equally huge tunnel that really does not fit anywhere in our living room, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Ethan, Logan and I hid inside the tent for a while pretending there was a bear outside of the tent.. He's loving the childrens story book 'We're going on a bear hunt' at the moment and he knows all of the words, so suddenly there seems to be an imaginary bear chasing us quite a lot of the time. 

The boys are currently napping after I read them a lovely new story that a kind lady who found my blog sent them and so I've come on here to write this. It's nice to sit and reflect, the boys don't always nap together so I'm enjoying every minute of a well earned rest Until of course, it's time to get up and hide from anymore bears. 

Life's busy at the moment, but no matter how busy it gets - there's always times for fun isn't there?!

Hiding from bears in the tent!



  1. This looks like so much fun! Life is always so busy so it's great when you can make the time to do something like this :)

  2. Their baby blues are just adorable! Hope next week is a bit calmer for you all x

  3. Ah such lovely photos Alex, they really are beautiful and your boys are just absolutely gorgeous. I agree, life is so busy for us as well at the moment, which means sometimes your blog just has to take a back seat. But it is great it is one of those things that you can leave for a few days and come back to. I absolutely love the Lion King, definitely my favourite Disney film! x

  4. Gorgeous photos, I love to see siblings playing together. There is always time for fun and I think it's good to remember that, especially when live is busy. I love the Lion King, one of my favourites on screen and at the theatre x

  5. Beautiful Alex! So sweet how they sometimes nap together! It's lovely to have that fun time :) xxx

  6. Lovely photos of you all playing together! Really need to think about getting Ben a tent and tunnel I know he will love them!

  7. It's lovely to see so much fun. Life is so busy with two isn't it? But I agree to-do lists pail into insignificance when you just stop and have fun X