Our Kind of Ordinary

I feel really strongly that this is a time in my life that I'll always look back on with great fondness. I'm not only referring to now, I'm referring to the period between having young babies and having small children. 

Because the thing is, is that they grow so fast don't they?! At two years and 7 months, my boys aren't really grown at all, they're still tiny, still learning new things about the world every single day. But yet the time they have been here, the things they've already learnt - that's gone so fast.

And I've honestly tried to enjoy every single second of it so far. I write this blog so that I can take the time to reflect, so that I can keep all of the moments, so that I can re-live them over and over. Through the years, I've managed to turn our little online diary into a bit of a website, a website that gives me the opportunity to work with brands to make enough money to stay at home with my boys and watch them grow. A huge achievement for me, but it'll always firstly and foremostly be our little diary and it will always remain my sole goal to continue to capture this wonderful time in our lives. 

And this really is what my monthly videos are all about.. a collection of the snippets of random pieces of video from our phones and cameras from throughout the month, all edited together to create something that helps us to re-live our own personal story from the month. It helps to slow time down by giving us the opportunity to reflect and to re-live the little moments, the smiles, the giggles, the little touches of hands.. Because as an extremely busy Mum of two, I greatly welcome the opportunity to sit and reflect and remember all of the good things that sometimes get muddled in to one big, very quick month.



  1. This is definitely still the fondest time of my life too. I think the whole time children are learning about the world, the whole time they have such huge emotions and the whole time they want to spend time as a family is a time that will bring us the greatest moments and some of the best memories x

  2. Such a lovely post Alex and I love these little snippet videos you do. You look like you have such a happy life with Adam and your boys. x

  3. It scares me how fast its going. My kiddies are 14, 11,10& 5 and I wish I could go back or slow down or something!!