Feeding & Weaning Logan

Logan started his weaning journey just before he turned six months old. I actually captured his first ever taste of something other than milk on camera. Ethan ended up falling in the bowl.. (somehow!), but asides from that it went really well. I think it's about using your inner Mummy instinct when it comes to knowing the right time to start the weaning process. The recommended age is six months, but some parents will start a little earlier than that if they feel their baby needs it. 

Personally I've never been one to turn my nose up at baby food jars, the ingredients all look nice and healthy to me and it can be so much easier. I used a lot of baby food jars when I started weaning both of my boys. I've now started to make some of my own baby food to give Logan a little variety when it comes to meal time since I'm raising him as vegetarian, but I tend to give one jar and one home cooked meal a day for lunch and for dinner. 

Weaning is such a messy stage, but I really enjoy giving Logan new foods to try and I like watching his face for any reactions. We're going through a really really fussy stage with Ethan at dinner times at the moment and it's so hard to get him to eat. But with Logan, despite the messiness, when I serve him up his dinner at least I know that he's going to eat it. 

Logan still has his bottles of milk, but he's now on follow on milk to go alongside his weaning. He tends to have a bottle first thing in the morning, then another at 2pm and another at 7pm before bed.

The feeding and weaning stage is messy, fun, important and a learning experience for both parent and baby. If you're breastfeeding and choose to move on to formula at six months or even if like me, you've formula fed the whole way, you can find all of the information you need to know about how much milk baby should be having alongside solids/weaning on the box of milk that you purchase.



  1. Hi Alex, I'm about to have my first baby and also a vegetarian. I was just wondering what baby milk you started off with? I can't seem to find one suitable for vegetarians :(

    1. Hi Michaela! Congratulations! We actually used SMA comfort milk. Logan had very bad colic for a few days and it really calmed it down. It's also vegetarian, so we stuck with it. :) xx

    2. In case this helps you, we use hipp organic formula, just check it out here. Leah is doing great with it.