Eddie Meer & Barter in the Bush

My little bookworm loves a good story! I find it so adorable when he sits there flicking through books all by himself. I love that in this digital age, books are still so in demand and especially so by children! Ethan doesn't know how to use an iPad/the computer or my phone and I think I sort of like it that way. I'd much rather he went and played outside or picked up a book. There's nothing at all wrong with the digital world, I clearly love being a part of it, but there's so much time for that in the future for him.

We were recently sent a copy of Eddie Meer & Barter in the Bush written by Tom Campion and published by Barker & Barker Kids. Whilst it's aimed at children slightly older than Ethan is, Ethan loved flicking through the book all by himself, looking at and pointing out the beautiful illustrations inside. The story is about a trio of meerkats who try anything to survive and a make a living in the Botswana Bush, they find themselves in rather funny situations as they try and sell their stuff to lions, giraffes, hyenas and hippos. 

Another really great thing about this story is that you can actually buy products like cushions and posters from the childrens range at Barker & Barker Kids that have some of the beautiful illustrations from the book on, which I think is such a wonderful idea! I personally love the cushions in the range - with my favourite being this Dorothy giraffe cushion, which I think would look great in any kids room. 

What do you think of the new range from Barker & Barker? Are your children bookworms too? 




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  1. The first book that my son read was The very hungry caterpillar, which was very few words, he's nearly 4 now.I hope he will be able to read such long story book like your adorable child :)