The Ordinary Moments #4 - First Night Without Mummy or Daddy

Logan at very nearly 7 months old had his first night away from both his Daddy and I this Thursday. He stayed with his brother, at his Grandma and Grandpops house. 

Ethan has been going to stay with his Grandma on a Thursday for nearly two years now. Part of the reason he started going was because I went back to work part time when he was a year old. I worked Monday and Friday. On Monday his Daddy looked after him and on Friday it was his day with his Grandma. Another big reason that we made that decision was because I wanted to teach Ethan that it's OK to not always be with Mummy and Daddy. I also wanted him to form a close relationship with his grandparents and I'm thrilled to say that that is exactly what has happened. 

I won't be returning to my part time job after my maternity leave finishes with Logan, but I'm very much going to be continuing to let them go and stay over with their Grandparents once a week. I can't believe how much it's done for Ethan and I couldn't be happier with how close he is to his family. I feel like a lot of Ethans independence comes from the fact he stays with them once a week, plus that he goes to nursery two mornings a week. I was a very clingy child myself and whilst I'm happy with who I am, I want Ethan (and Logan) to always feel confident, even without me there. 

I didn't always find him staying away once a week easy. I used to get really upset and would just want to cling to him. It didn't help when he went through a clingy stage himself and would cry when we dropped him off (despite the fact that he stopped as soon as we left and that it was likely just for show!). I'm so glad that I didn't let my emotions cloud my judgement on this one though. I follow my heart when I make decisions and deep down I knew that having a little time once a week with other family in a different environment was only ever going to be a good thing for him. 

And now Logan has started going to and whilst I thought I'd find it just as hard to let him be away from me for the night due to the invisible umbilical cord that I feel is between a Mother and her young baby, I actually found it much easier. There's not many people I trust with my boys, but Adams Mum is someone I trust totally and completely and so that helps. Knowing that Logan is with his brother helps and knowing what it's done for Ethan helps massively. I love seeing Ethan with his Grandparents, they have such a special bond, one I wish that I had had with Grandparents. I am so pleased that Logan is going to get that same special bond too.

I'm so thankful to Adams parents for everything they do for the boys. Nothing is ever too much and I love how they dote on them. Adams Mum gives up every single one of her Fridays to spend time with Ethan and Logan. I just hope that as the boys get older they'll realise just how lucky they are. 



  1. It's good for them and for you to go and have that time away from each other I think. My two didn't go for a sleepover at Gran's house until they were I think 4 and 6! But I don't have my family nearby or they would have been away at lot sooner LOL!

  2. It sounds like you have such a nice balance and set up. I'm sure the boys will just keep getting closer to their grandparents x

  3. This is such a lovely post and well done to you for surviving your first night away from Logan. I am really close to my mum and dad (they are separated) but due to different circumstances the girls rarely stay with either of them the night. I would love them to go more regularly, but I guess you can't change your circumstances. Adams family sound amazing! x

  4. It is so lovely that they have that bond. I never had it with my grandparents and we live far from the boys grandparents too. Something that makes me a bit sad really, I actually wrote a post about it last week! I'm sure both Ethan and Logan will grow to absolutely adore their grandparents in the way I think children should, and it must be nice to get a bit of time for you too! #theordinarymoments xx

  5. Lovely post Alex! I'm so pleased you've found it easier this time! I can completely relate, even now I still worry about Finlay whenever he stays out but I'm so happy they have such a special relationship with their grandparents. xxx

  6. You boys are so beautiful Alex! I think it's great that you're encouraging them to be independent, and that they're able to grow such strong bonds with their grandparents. I have very much the same attitude, and although it's hard leaving them at first I think it is definitely important xx

  7. It's so great that they spend time with grandparents. I'm always really keen for our mums and dads to spend time with our little ones too. It also gives you a much needed break. It really is hard leaving them for the first time but you soon get over it and realise that everyone wins from the situation.

  8. Aww your very lucky to have grandparents that want to see there grandchildren hun and spend time with them. Me and my partner are both distant from ours so finding anyone to watch the kids can be a challenge in itself. However everyone needs and deserves a break hun however hard that may be :) xx